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Detailed Translations for platteland from Dutch to Spanish


platteland [de ~ (m)] noun

  1. de platteland (land)
    el campo

Translation Matrix for platteland:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
campo land; platteland akker; bouwland; bouwterrein; emplacement; gebied; gevecht; gras; grasmat; grond; kamp; kavel; land; landschap; legerplaats; mat; perceel; rayon; rayon van een bedrijf; strijd; terrein; veld; worsteling

Related Words for "platteland":

Wiktionary Translations for platteland:

Cross Translation:
platteland barrios lejanos boondock — rural area
platteland campo country — the country, rural area, as opposed to the town or city
platteland campo countryside — a rural landscape
platteland campo countryside — a rural area, or the rural part of a larger area