Detailed Translations for agent from Swedish to English


agent [-en] noun

  1. agent (ackvisitör; försäljare)
    the colporteur; the canvasser; the hawker
  2. agent (manager)
    the manager
  3. agent (försäljare; representant)
    the representative; the selling-agent; the dealer; the traveling salesman; the agent; the travelling salesman
  4. agent
    the agent
    – An application that runs on a Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) managed device. The agent application is the object of management activities. A computer running SNMP agent software is also sometimes referred to as an agent. 1
  5. agent
    the agent
    – A managed software component that monitors events and performance pertaining to a specific application component, and transmits observations to a host application for display, action, or reporting. 1
  6. agent
    the agent
    – A helper bot for Windows Live Messenger that was developed on the Windows Live Agents platform. 1

Translation Matrix for agent:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
agent agent; försäljare; representant
canvasser ackvisitör; agent; försäljare
colporteur ackvisitör; agent; försäljare
dealer agent; försäljare; representant egen företagare; försäljare; givare; handlare; återförsäljare
hawker ackvisitör; agent; försäljare försäljare; gatuförsäljare; gatuhandlare; gårdfarihandlare; handlare; kolportör
manager agent; manager administrativ chef; chef; chefen; direktör; föreståndare; förvaltare; huvud chefen; kapten; ledare; manager; ordförande
representative agent; försäljare; representant delegat; delegerad; envoyé; ersätta; försäljare; ombud; representant; sändebud; talesman; vikariera
selling-agent agent; försäljare; representant
traveling salesman agent; försäljare; representant
travelling salesman agent; försäljare; representant
AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
representative representant; representativ; representativt
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
agent agens
canvasser röstvärvare
dealer dealer; köpman
hawker dörrknackare; månglare; nasare
manager disponent
traveling salesman handelsresande
travelling salesman handelsresande

Synonyms for "agent":

Wiktionary Translations for agent:

  1. grammar: performer of the action in a sentence
  2. computing: part of the system that performs action on behalf of a client or server
  3. active power or cause
  4. one who acts in place of another

Cross Translation:
agent salesman Vertretervon [1] abgeleitet, auf den Verkauf beschränkt: Verkäufer
agent agent; actor; policeman; cop; copper; constable; officer; police officer; operative agent — Celui, celle, ce qui agit.
agent representative; agent; envoy; broker; delegate représentant — Celui, celle qui en représenter un autre, qui tenir sa place, qui recevoir de lui des pouvoirs pour agir en son nom.

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