Detailed Translations for konsumtionsvara from Swedish to English


konsumtionsvara [-en] noun

  1. konsumtionsvara (handelsvara)
    the trading item; the commercial product; the consumer article; the article; the article of consumption
  2. konsumtionsvara
    the consumer goods
  3. konsumtionsvara
    the consumer good
    – A good that is created for consumer user rather than business use. 1

Translation Matrix for konsumtionsvara:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
article handelsvara; konsumtionsvara artikel; föremål; publikation; punkt; skrift; tryckalster
article of consumption handelsvara; konsumtionsvara konsumptionsvara
commercial product handelsvara; konsumtionsvara
consumer article handelsvara; konsumtionsvara konsumptionsvara
consumer good konsumtionsvara användarens bästa
consumer goods konsumtionsvara konsumtionsvaror; råvaror
trading item handelsvara; konsumtionsvara
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
article persedel