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Detailed Translations for propp from Swedish to English


propp [-en] noun

  1. propp (säkring)
    the safety fuse; the fuse; the fuze
  2. propp (säkring)
    the fuse; the pith; the wick; the pip; the kernel; the fuze
    • fuse [the ~] noun, British
    • pith [the ~] noun
    • wick [the ~] noun
    • pip [the ~] noun
    • kernel [the ~] noun
    • fuze [the ~] noun, American

Translation Matrix for propp:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
fuse propp; säkring antändning
fuze propp; säkring antändning
kernel propp; säkring hjärta; innersta; kernel; kärna; körsbärskärna; mitt
pip propp; säkring inre delen av en frukt; kärna; körsbärskärna
pith propp; säkring benmärg; hjärta; innersta; kärna; körsbärskärna; mitt
safety fuse propp; säkring
wick propp; säkring bomull; körsbärskärna; tampong; veke
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
fuse gå ihop; sammankomma; sammansmälta; smälta; smälta ihop; smälta samman
fuze gå ihop; sammankomma; sammansmälta; smälta; smälta ihop; smälta samman
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
fuse elsäkring; fusionera; stubin; stubintråd
fuze elsäkring; fusionera; stubin; stubintråd

Synonyms for "propp":

Wiktionary Translations for propp:

  1. blockage, congestion
  2. device preventing overloading of a circuit
  3. lid, cap, cover

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