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Detailed Translations for sprida from Swedish to English


sprida verb (sprider, spred, spritt)

  1. sprida (breda ut; breda)
    to spread
    • spread verb (spreads, spread, spreading)
  2. sprida (vidga; bredda)
    to broaden; to spread; to widen
    • broaden verb (broadens, broadened, broadening)
    • spread verb (spreads, spread, spreading)
    • widen verb (widens, widened, widening)
  3. sprida
    to propagate
    – To distribute an index from a content index server to one or more Web servers for the purposes of providing search. 1
    • propagate verb (propagates, propagated, propagating)

Conjugations for sprida:

  1. sprider
  2. sprider
  3. sprider
  4. sprider
  5. sprider
  6. sprider
  1. spred
  2. spred
  3. spred
  4. spred
  5. spred
  6. spred
framtid 1
  1. kommer att sprida
  2. kommer att sprida
  3. kommer att sprida
  4. kommer att sprida
  5. kommer att sprida
  6. kommer att sprida
framtid 2
  1. skall sprida
  2. skall sprida
  3. skall sprida
  4. skall sprida
  5. skall sprida
  6. skall sprida
  1. skulle sprida
  2. skulle sprida
  3. skulle sprida
  4. skulle sprida
  5. skulle sprida
  6. skulle sprida
perfekt particip
  1. har spritt
  2. har spritt
  3. har spritt
  4. har spritt
  5. har spritt
  6. har spritt
imperfekt particip
  1. hade spritt
  2. hade spritt
  3. hade spritt
  4. hade spritt
  5. hade spritt
  6. hade spritt
  1. sprid!
  2. sprid!
  3. spridd
  4. spridande
1. jag, 2. du/ni, 3. han/hon/den/det, 4. vi, 5. ni, 6. de

Translation Matrix for sprida:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
spread bankett; fest; festmåltid; högtid; smörgåsfyllning; smörgåspålägg; spridning
widen förstoring; utvidgning; utökning
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
broaden bredda; sprida; vidga bredda
propagate sprida propagera
spread breda; breda ut; bredda; sprida; vidga förbereda; gnugga in; lägga fram; lägga fram i förväg; sprida ett budskap; strö; stänka; sätta fram; utströ
widen bredda; sprida; vidga bygga ut; lägga till; utvidga; vidga
AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
spread spritt
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
propagate förökas
spread bre; splitt; utbreda; utbredd; utbredning; utspridning; utspänd

Synonyms for "sprida":

Wiktionary Translations for sprida:

  1. move or spread in multiple directions from one point
  2. transitive: to sow and scatter principles, etc. for propagation, like seed
  3. cause to spread to extend
  4. spread from person to person
  5. to cause to separate
  6. physics: to deflect
  7. to occur at intervals
  8. to stretch out, expand
  9. to extend, stretch out (limbs etc)
  10. to disperse, scatter
  11. to smear, distribute in a thin layer
  12. (transitive) to disseminate, make known or present
  13. (intransitive) to take up a larger area, expand
  1. spread like wildfire

Cross Translation:
sprida communicate; report; impart; put across; get across communiquerrendre commun à ; faire part de ; transmettre.

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