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Detailed Translations for tagg from Swedish to English


tagg [-en] noun

  1. tagg (törn; stick)
    the thorn; the sting
  2. tagg
    the thorns
  3. tagg
    the tag
    – In markup languages such as SGML and HTML, a code that identifies an element in a document, such as a heading or a paragraph, for the purposes of formatting, indexing, and linking information in the document. 1
    • tag [the ~] noun
  4. tagg
    the tag
    – One or more characters containing information about a file, record type, or other structure. 1
    • tag [the ~] noun
  5. tagg (märke; etikett; anteckningsmärke)
    the tag; the note tag
    – A marker that can be applied to content or items (like photos or text) to identify certain types of information. This allows the user to find, view and sort tagged items with ease. 1

Translation Matrix for tagg:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
note tag anteckningsmärke; etikett; märke; tagg
spike bergstopp; spets
spine ryggrad
sting stick; tagg; törn angelkrok; fiske hake; fiskkrok; knivhugg; krok
tag anteckningsmärke; etikett; märke; tagg etikett; lapp; märke; märkning; sticker; tafattlek; öglad
thorn stick; tagg; törn
thorns tagg
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
spike bulta; genomborra; genomborra met spjut; hammra spikar; hamra; ljustra; nagla
sting hugga; klippa; skära; sticka; stinga; ta upp ett ämne
tag beröra; märka; röra; tagga
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
prickle tagg
spike tagg ax; spika
spine tagg kotpelare
sting gadd; stickas; sting
tag tagga; tågända
thorn tagg

Synonyms for "tagg":

Wiktionary Translations for tagg:

  1. rigid, pointed surface protuberance or needle-like structure on an animal, shell, or plant
  2. type of graffiti
  3. element of markup language
  4. on antler

Cross Translation:
tagg thorn DornBotanik: ein stechendes Gebilde an einer Pflanze, das an der Stelle eines Organs sitzt
tagg prickle; thorn Stachel — spitzes Pflanzenteil, Auswuchs des Rindengewebes
tagg thorn; spine; prickle épine — (botanique) branche, feuille, stipule ou partie de feuille transformée en un organe allongé et piquant.