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Detailed Translations for Konto from German to English


Konto [das ~] noun

  1. Konto
    the bank account; the account
  2. Konto
    the account
  3. Konto
    the account
    – A record-keeping arrangement used by the vendor of an online service to identify a subscriber and to maintain a record of customer usage for billing purposes. 1
  4. Konto
    the account
    – The type of record - asset, liability, revenue, expense, or owner's equity - traditionally used for recording individual transactions in an accounting system. 1
  5. Konto
    the account
    – An organization's authorization to access the Live Meeting service. 1
  6. Konto
    the account
    – A set of attributes that define a user's access to a given service or application. 1
  7. Konto
    the account
    – A chronological record that describes the changes in value classified as assets, liabilities, expenses, and revenue. 1
  8. Konto (Kunde)
    the account
    – The record-keeping mechanism used by networks and multiuser operating systems for keeping track of authorized users. 1
  9. Konto (Windows Live-Konto)
    the account; the Windows Live account
    – Private information that a customer provides to establish their Windows Live ID. This information is separate from the customer's (outward-facing) profile and is never shared without explicit consent. 1


  1. Konto
    the Account
    – A UI element that links to Account Services or other, account-related site. 1

Translation Matrix for Konto:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
Account Konto
Windows Live account Konto; Windows Live-Konto
account Konto; Kunde; Windows Live-Konto Abrechnung; Aufsatz; Bericht; Faktur; Firma; Geschäftskunde; Gutachten; Lesung; Rechenschaft; Rechnung; Referat; Verantwortung; Vorlesung; Vortrag
bank account Konto

Synonyms for "Konto":

  • Bankkonto; Bankverbindung; Kontoverbindung

Wiktionary Translations for Konto:

  1. EDV: Zugangs- und oft auch Mitwirkungsberechtigung bei einem bestimmten Internetangebot
  2. Bankwesen: Datei, die Informationen über das bei der Bank gespeicherte (bei Schulden: geliehene) Geld des Kunden beinhaltet
  3. Buchhaltung: Datenstruktur, meist in Form einer Tabelle, die beliebig viele Zeilen und zwei Spalten (Soll und Haben) aufweist
  1. an authorization to use a service
  2. a registry of pecuniary transactions

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