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Detailed Translations for Aktion from German to English


Aktion [die ~] noun

  1. die Aktion (Sonderangebot)
    the special offer
  2. die Aktion
    the action
    – The basic building block of a macro; a self-contained instruction that can be combined with other actions to automate tasks. This is sometimes called a command in other macro languages. 1
  3. die Aktion
    the action
    – A unit of work that is represented to users in the form of buttons, links, and menu items. 1
  4. die Aktion
    the action
    – An end-user-initiated operation on a selected cube or portion of a cube. 1
  5. die Aktion
    the action
    – A workflow that is used to process any further activities after the original request has been completed successfully. 1
  6. die Aktion
    the action
    – An object that does something when it is invoked by a trigger. 1

Translation Matrix for Aktion:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
action Aktion Akt; Aktivität; Arbeit; Aufgabe; Beschäftigung; Einführung; Einwirkung; Erfolg; Forderung; Freizeitbeschäftigung; Handlung; Klage; Leistung; Tat; Tätigkeit; Werk; Wirkung
special offer Aktion; Sonderangebot Angebot; Offerte; Sonderangebot; Vorschlag

Synonyms for "Aktion":

Wiktionary Translations for Aktion:

  1. Handlung
  1. something done so as to accomplish a purpose
  2. military campaign

Cross Translation:
Aktion action; activity; deed action — Tout ce qu’on fait (sens général)