Detailed Translations for Arbeitgeberkennnummer from German to English



  1. Arbeitgeberkennnummer (Steuernummer)
    the employer identification number; the EIN; the federal tax identification number; the federal tax ID
    – In the United States, a 9-digit number that identifies a business entity to the government. A business must have an EIN if it has employees or meets other criteria specified by the federal government. 1

Translation Matrix for Arbeitgeberkennnummer:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
EIN Arbeitgeberkennnummer; Steuernummer
employer identification number Arbeitgeberkennnummer; Steuernummer
federal tax ID Arbeitgeberkennnummer; Steuernummer
federal tax identification number Arbeitgeberkennnummer; Steuernummer