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  1. Datenträger:


Detailed Translations for Datenträger from German to English



  1. Datenträger (Diskette)
    the disk; the floppy disk
    – A reusable magnetic storage medium. The floppy disk used today is the rigid 3.5-inch microfloppy that holds 1.44 MB. It is called floppy because the first varieties were housed in bendable jackets. 1
  2. Datenträger
    the disk
    – A device used to store information. There are two types of disks. Hard disks are permanent and installed into your computer. Floppy disks are portable and can be inserted into and removed from a floppy disk drive. 1
  3. Datenträger
    the data medium
    – The physical material on which computer data is stored. 1

Translation Matrix for Datenträger:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
data medium Datenträger
disk Datenträger; Diskette
floppy disk Datenträger; Diskette Diskette; Floppy disk

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