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Detailed Translations for Dockingstation from German to English



  1. Dockingstation (Basisstation)
    the cradle
    – A hardware device used to connect a portable device to a desktop computer. When the device is in the cradle, data can be synchronized between the device and the computer. 1
  2. Dockingstation
    the docking station
    – A unit for housing a portable computer that contains a power connection, expansion slots, and connections to peripherals, such as a monitor, printer, full-sized keyboard, and mouse. The docking station turns the portable computer into a desktop computer. 1

Translation Matrix for Dockingstation:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
cradle Basisstation; Dockingstation Krippe; Wiege
docking station Dockingstation
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
cradle andocken; hin und her wanken; pendeln; schaukeln; schlenkern; schleudern; schlingern; schwanken; schwenken; schwingen; taumeln; wanken

Wiktionary Translations for Dockingstation:

  1. piece of hardware