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Detailed Translations for Einkaufskorb from German to English



  1. Einkaufskorb (Einkaufswagen; Warenkorb)
    the basket; the shopping cart
    – A list of items that a customer has selected to purchase from a commerce Web site. It is usually compiled into a file and sometimes visually represented by a shopping basket, shopping cart, or other container used when shopping. 1

Translation Matrix for Einkaufskorb:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
basket Einkaufskorb; Einkaufswagen; Warenkorb Korb
shopping cart Einkaufskorb; Einkaufswagen; Warenkorb Einkaufswagen

Wiktionary Translations for Einkaufskorb:

Cross Translation:
Einkaufskorb shopping bag cabaspanier de jonc qui servir ordinairement à mettre des figues.