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Detailed Translations for Feedback from German to English



  1. Feedback
    the feedback
    – The return of a portion of system output as input to the same system. Often feedback is deliberately designed into a system, but sometimes it is unwanted. In electronics, feedback is used in monitoring, controlling, and amplifying circuitry. 1
  2. Feedback (Berichte; Feedback senden)
    the Feedback; the Give us feedback
    – A UI element that provides access to a site or process for submitting feedback on the product or service being used. 1

Translation Matrix for Feedback:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
Feedback Berichte; Feedback; Feedback senden
Give us feedback Berichte; Feedback; Feedback senden
feedback Feedback Rückkoppelung; Rückmeldung

Synonyms for "Feedback":

Wiktionary Translations for Feedback:

  1. die Bekanntgabe einer Wahrnehmung oder die Beurteilung von etwas, die wiederum zur Veränderung bzw. Verbesserung dieser Sache genutzt werden kann