Detailed Translations for MARS from German to English



  1. MARS (Multicast Address Resolution Service)
    the multicast address resolution service; the MARS
    – A service for resolving multicast IP addresses to the asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) addresses of the clients that have joined that multicast group. MARS can work in conjunction with the multicast server (MCS) and clients to distribute multicast data through point-to-multipoint connections. 1
  2. MARS (mehrere aktive Resultsets)
    the MARS; the multiple active result set
    – A SQL Server 2005 feature that provides the ability to have more than one pending request per connection, in particular to have more than one default result set open per connection. SQL Server 2000 and earlier restricted the programming model such that at any point in time there would be at most one pending request on a given session, blocking the driver from sending requests to the server until the entire result set is consumed. 1

Translation Matrix for MARS:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
MARS MARS; Multicast Address Resolution Service; mehrere aktive Resultsets
multicast address resolution service MARS; Multicast Address Resolution Service
multiple active result set MARS; mehrere aktive Resultsets