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  1. Mittel
    the Medium
    – An item on the Text Size menu, which is opened from the Edit menu. Medium is one of the text size choices for the user's instant messages 1

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Medium Mittel

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Wiktionary Translations for Mittel:

  1. Kurzform von: Ergebnis der Mittelung
  2. Methode oder Werkzeug
  3. nur Plural: speziell finanzielle Mittel[1]
  1. resources
  2. intermediate value
  3. method by which something is done
  4. a means for achieving an end
  5. something that one uses to achieve an objective
  6. a medium
  7. the ability and means to accomplish some task

Cross Translation:
Mittel medicine middel — iets dat wordt aangewend om ziekte, ongesteldheid te bestrijden
Mittel means middel — geld, bezit
Mittel means middel — iets met behulp waarvan een doel bereikt kan worden
Mittel instrument; means; tool; agent; gadget; implement; utensil instrumentobjet construire permettant d'exécuter une action.
Mittel tool; gadget; instrument; implement; utensil outilinstrument dont les artisans, les jardiniers, etc., se servir pour leur travail.
Mittel product; item; commodity; ware produitrésultat créatif de l’activité humaine.
Mittel resource; livelihood; means; remedy; avenue; expedience; expedient; recourse; way; agency ressource — Traductions à trier suivant le sens
Mittel utensil; tool; gadget; instrument; implement ustensile — Objet pour les arts (2)

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