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Detailed Translations for Schriftart from German to English



  1. Schriftart
    the face; the typeface
    – A set of characters that share common characteristics, such as stroke width and the presence or absence of serifs (short lines at the upper and lower edges of characters). 1
  2. Schriftart
    the font
    – A graphic design applied to a collection of numbers, symbols, and characters. A font describes a certain typeface, along with other qualities such as size, spacing, and pitch. 1

Translation Matrix for Schriftart:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
face Schriftart Anblick; Angesicht; Antlitz; Ebene; Fassade; Feld; Fläche; Fratze; Fresse; Front; Gesicht; Giebel; Klappe; Mund; Schauspiel; Schnabel; Schnauze; Schwätzer; Spitze; Szene; Visage; Vordere Giebel; Vorderrand; Vorderseite; Vorseite; vordere Ende
font Schriftart Drucktype; Schrift; Schrifttype; Schriftzeigen
typeface Schriftart Drucktype; Schrift; Schrifttype; Schriftzeigen
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
face die Stirn bieten; konfrontieren; sichbehaupten; trotzen

Synonyms for "Schriftart":

Wiktionary Translations for Schriftart:

  1. a computer file containing the code used to draw and compose the glyphs
  2. typesetting: a grouping of consistently-designed glyphs
  3. font family

Cross Translation:
Schriftart font; typeface lettertype — een stylistisch samenhangende set tekens die meestal letters, cijfers en leestekens uitbeelden