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Detailed Translations for Signatur from German to English


Signatur [die ~] noun

  1. die Signatur (Unterschrift)
    the signature
    – your name written in your own handwriting 1


  1. Signatur (digitale Signatur)
    the signature; the digital signature
    – Data that binds a sender's identity to the information being sent. A digital signature may be bundled with any message, file, or other digitally encoded information, or transmitted separately. Digital signatures are used in public key environments and provide authentication and integrity services. 2
  2. Signatur
    the signature
    – A unique algorithm or static hash value used to identify a specific instance of malicious code or potentially unwanted software. 2
  3. Signatur
    the signature
    – The list of types involved in the definition of a method, field, property, or local variable. For a method, the signature includes its name, number of parameters and their types, the type it returns (if any), and its calling convention (default or vararg). The signature for a property is similar to that of a method. The signature for fields and local variables is simply their type (for example, array [0..5] of int). 2
  4. Signatur (E-Mail-Signatur)
    the signature; the e-mail signature
    – Text that is automatically added to outgoing e-mail messages, typically used to identify the sender. 2

Translation Matrix for Signatur:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
digital signature Signatur; digitale Signatur
e-mail signature E-Mail-Signatur; Signatur
signature E-Mail-Signatur; Signatur; Unterschrift; digitale Signatur Unterschrift

Synonyms for "Signatur":

Wiktionary Translations for Signatur:

  1. Kürzel (Sigel) für ein Buch, das dessen Standort in einer Bibliothek angibt
  2. (abgekürzte) Unterschrift um zum Beispiel ein Schriftstück zu bestätigen