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Detailed Translations for Vetternwirtschaft from German to English


Vetternwirtschaft [die ~] noun

  1. die Vetternwirtschaft
    the cronyism
    – favoritism shown to friends and associates (as by appointing them to positions without regard for their qualifications) 1
  2. die Vetternwirtschaft (Nepotismus)
    the nepotism
    – favoritism shown to relatives or close friends by those in power (as by giving them jobs) 1

Translation Matrix for Vetternwirtschaft:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
cronyism Vetternwirtschaft
nepotism Nepotismus; Vetternwirtschaft

Synonyms for "Vetternwirtschaft":

  • Filz; Freunderlwirtschaft; Gekungel; Günstlingswirtschaft; Klüngel; Kumpanei; Kungelei; Nepotismus; Speziwirtschaft; Spezlwirtschaft; Sumpf der Korruption; Vetterleswirtschaft; Vetterliwirtschaft

Wiktionary Translations for Vetternwirtschaft:

  1. favoring of relatives or personal friends
  2. unfair favouring
  3. favoritism to friends without regard for their qualifications

Cross Translation:
Vetternwirtschaft cronyism copinage — (familier, fr) complicité, fait d’être copains.