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Detailed Translations for breastfeed from English to German


to breastfeed verb (breastfeeds, breastfeeded, breastfeeding)

  1. to breastfeed
    säugen; Brustnahrung geben; ernähren; füttern; einspeisen; großziehen
    • säugen verb (säuge, säugst, säugt, säugte, säugtet, gesäugt)
    • ernähren verb (ernähre, ernährst, ernährt, ernährte, ernährtet, ernährt)
    • füttern verb (füttre, fütterst, füttert, fütterte, füttertet, gefüttert)
    • einspeisen verb (speise ein, speist ein, speiste ein, speistet ein, eingespeist)
    • großziehen verb (großziehe, großziehst, großzieht, großzog, großzogt, großgezogen)

Conjugations for breastfeed:

  1. breastfeed
  2. breastfeed
  3. breastfeeds
  4. breastfeed
  5. breastfeed
  6. breastfeed
simple past
  1. breastfeeded
  2. breastfeeded
  3. breastfeeded
  4. breastfeeded
  5. breastfeeded
  6. breastfeeded
present perfect
  1. have breastfeeded
  2. have breastfeeded
  3. has breastfeeded
  4. have breastfeeded
  5. have breastfeeded
  6. have breastfeeded
past continuous
  1. was breastfeeding
  2. were breastfeeding
  3. was breastfeeding
  4. were breastfeeding
  5. were breastfeeding
  6. were breastfeeding
  1. shall breastfeed
  2. will breastfeed
  3. will breastfeed
  4. shall breastfeed
  5. will breastfeed
  6. will breastfeed
continuous present
  1. am breastfeeding
  2. are breastfeeding
  3. is breastfeeding
  4. are breastfeeding
  5. are breastfeeding
  6. are breastfeeding
  1. be breastfeeded
  2. be breastfeeded
  3. be breastfeeded
  4. be breastfeeded
  5. be breastfeeded
  6. be breastfeeded
  1. breastfeed!
  2. let's breastfeed!
  3. breastfeeded
  4. breastfeeding
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for breastfeed:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
Brustnahrung geben breastfeed
einspeisen breastfeed adjust
ernähren breastfeed aid someone financially; back someone; bait; catch; consume; dart; dine; dine out; eat; feast upon; feed; gorge; have a meal; have dinner; have something to eat; hunt; maintain; nourish; provide for; quench; relieve; snare; support; take something; tuck into; wine and dine
füttern breastfeed bait; catch; consume; dart; dine; dine out; dispatch; feed; hunt; nourish; snare; wine and dine
großziehen breastfeed feed; nourish
säugen breastfeed breastfeed a baby; nurse; suckle
- give suck; lactate; nurse; suck; suckle; wet-nurse

Related Words for "breastfeed":

  • breastfeeding

Synonyms for "breastfeed":

Antonyms for "breastfeed":

  • bottlefeed

Related Definitions for "breastfeed":

  1. give suck to1

Wiktionary Translations for breastfeed:

  1. feed a baby milk via the breasts
  1. einem Kind die Muttermilch geben

Cross Translation:
breastfeed stillen borst — de borst geven
breastfeed säugen; stillen allaiternourrir de son lait.

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