Detailed Translations for floor from English to German


floor [the ~] noun

  1. the floor (storey; level)
    die Etage; der Stock; Stockwerk
  2. the floor (ground; bottom; base)
    der Fußboden; der Boden; der Grund; die Erde

to floor verb (floors, floored, flooring)

  1. to floor (knock down)
    – knock down with force 1
    niederschlagen; zu Boden schlagen; umschlagen; umkippen; auseinandernehmen
    • niederschlagen verb (schlage nieder, schägst nieder, schlägt nieder, schlug nieder, schlugt nieder, niedergeschlagen)
    • umschlagen verb (schlage um, schlägst um, sclägt um, schlug um, schugt um, umgeschlagen)
    • umkippen verb (kippe um, kippst um, kippt um, kippte um, kipptet um, umgekippt)

Conjugations for floor:

  1. floor
  2. floor
  3. floors
  4. floor
  5. floor
  6. floor
simple past
  1. floored
  2. floored
  3. floored
  4. floored
  5. floored
  6. floored
present perfect
  1. have floored
  2. have floored
  3. has floored
  4. have floored
  5. have floored
  6. have floored
past continuous
  1. was flooring
  2. were flooring
  3. was flooring
  4. were flooring
  5. were flooring
  6. were flooring
  1. shall floor
  2. will floor
  3. will floor
  4. shall floor
  5. will floor
  6. will floor
continuous present
  1. am flooring
  2. are flooring
  3. is flooring
  4. are flooring
  5. are flooring
  6. are flooring
  1. be floored
  2. be floored
  3. be floored
  4. be floored
  5. be floored
  6. be floored
  1. floor!
  2. let's floor!
  3. floored
  4. flooring
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for floor:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
Boden base; bottom; floor; ground arable; arable land; attic; earth; earth's crust; farming land; farmland; field; first coat; ground; loft; primer; priming coat; soil; undercoat
Erde base; bottom; floor; ground earth; globe; world
Etage floor; level; storey intensification; level
Fußboden base; bottom; floor; ground basic assumption; basic principle; basis; fundamental idea; starting point
Grund base; bottom; floor; ground arable; arable land; basic assumption; basic principle; basis; cause; earth; earth's crust; farming land; farmland; field; fundamental idea; ground; immediate cause; motivation; motive; point of departure; principle; reason; soil; starting point
Stock floor; level; storey bar; baton; beehive; cane; club; colony of animals; hive; intensification; level; rod; stave; stick; truncheon
Stockwerk floor; level; storey intensification; level
- base; flooring; level; storey; story; trading floor
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
auseinandernehmen floor; knock down break open; crack; decode; dismantle; dissect; force open; pull down; take apart; tear open
niederschlagen floor; knock down
umkippen floor; knock down drop; fall; flip; hit over; knock down; knock over; somersault; tip over; topple over; trip up; tumble; turn over; upend; wrap around the body
umschlagen floor; knock down capsize; change suddenly; chop down; cut down; fall down; fell; flip; hit over; knock down; overturn; page over; strike down; turn; turn over; upend; wrap around the body
zu Boden schlagen floor; knock down fall down; knock down; strike down
- ball over; blow out of the water; coldcock; deck; dump; knock down; shock; take aback

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Related Definitions for "floor":

  1. the inside lower horizontal surface (as of a room, hallway, tent, or other structure)1
    • they needed rugs to cover the bare floors1
    • we spread our sleeping bags on the dry floor of the tent1
  2. a structure consisting of a room or set of rooms at a single position along a vertical scale1
  3. a large room in a exchange where the trading is done1
    • he is a floor trader1
  4. the legislative hall where members debate and vote and conduct other business1
    • there was a motion from the floor1
  5. the parliamentary right to address an assembly1
    • the chairman granted him the floor1
  6. a lower limit1
    • the government established a wage floor1
  7. the occupants of a floor1
    • the whole floor complained about the lack of heat1
  8. the bottom surface of any lake or other body of water1
  9. the ground on which people and animals move about1
    • the fire spared the forest floor1
  10. the lower inside surface of any hollow structure1
    • the floor of the pelvis1
    • the floor of the cave1
  11. knock down with force1
  12. surprise greatly; knock someone's socks off1
    • I was floored when I heard that I was promoted1

Wiktionary Translations for floor:

  1. strike down
  2. silence with a conclusive answer
  3. cover with a floor
  1. storey/story
  2. part of the house assigned to the members of a legislative assembly
  3. supporting surface of a structure
  4. horizontal structure dividing a building
  5. lower part of a room
  1. Geschoss über dem Parterre
  2. Geographie: am Grunde einer Vertiefung befindliche ebene Fläche
  3. begehbare Fläche in einem Raum
  4. Stockwerk eines Bauwerks
  5. nur Singular: der feste Boden, die Landoberfläche von [3]
  6. Sport, Turnen: Matte für Turnübungen, bei Wettkämpfen 12 x 12 m groß
  7. umgangssprachlich für: Erdboden oder Fußboden
  1. kurz für: Stockwerk

Cross Translation:
floor Boden vloerbodem van een ruimte in een gebouw
floor Stockwerk; Etage; Stock verdieping — alle ruimten op één hoogte in een gebouw
floor Zuhörerschaft; Audienz; Empfang audience — Traductions à trier suivant le sens
floor Zuhörerschaft auditoire — Assemblée qui écouter une personne parlant ou lire en public ou interpréter une œuvre lyrique ou instrumentale.
floor Etage; Geschoß; Stock; Stockwerk; Stufe niveau — Étage
floor Boden; Diele; Dielung; Fußboden plancherouvrage de charpente fait d’un assemblage de solives, recouvrir de planches former plate-forme sur l’aire d’un rez-de-chaussée, ou séparer deux étages d’un bâtiment.
floor Etage; Geschoß; Stock; Stockwerk; Stufe étageespace entre deux planchers dans un bâtiment.

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