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Detailed Translations for get by from English to German

get by:

to get by verb (gets by, got by, getting by)

  1. to get by (make ends meet; scrape along; manage on; manage; make do)
    auskommen; rundkommen
    • auskommen verb (komme aus, kommst aus, kommt aus, kam aus, kamt aus, ausgekommen)
    • rundkommen verb

Conjugations for get by:

  1. get by
  2. get by
  3. gets by
  4. get by
  5. get by
  6. get by
simple past
  1. got by
  2. got by
  3. got by
  4. got by
  5. got by
  6. got by
present perfect
  1. have gotten by
  2. have gotten by
  3. has gotten by
  4. have gotten by
  5. have gotten by
  6. have gotten by
past continuous
  1. was getting by
  2. were getting by
  3. was getting by
  4. were getting by
  5. were getting by
  6. were getting by
  1. shall get by
  2. will get by
  3. will get by
  4. shall get by
  5. will get by
  6. will get by
continuous present
  1. am getting by
  2. are getting by
  3. is getting by
  4. are getting by
  5. are getting by
  6. are getting by
  1. be gotten by
  2. be gotten by
  3. be gotten by
  4. be gotten by
  5. be gotten by
  6. be gotten by
  1. get by!
  2. let's get by!
  3. gotten by
  4. getting by
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for get by:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
auskommen get by; make do; make ends meet; manage; manage on; scrape along get on; hang out; hang outside; make do; make ends meet
rundkommen get by; make do; make ends meet; manage; manage on; scrape along suit; suit one's convenience
- contend; cope; deal; escape; get away; get off; get out; grapple; make do; make out; manage

Synonyms for "get by":

Related Definitions for "get by":

  1. escape potentially unpleasant consequences; get away with a forbidden action1
  2. pass or move in front of1
  3. come to terms with1

Wiktionary Translations for get by:

get by
  1. subsist

Cross Translation:
get by wursteln démerder — (figuré) (familier, fr) aider.

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