Detailed Translations for insignia from English to German


insignia [the ~] noun

  1. the insignia (badge)
    der Abzeichen
  2. the insignia (badge)
  3. the insignia (decoration; pin; badge)
    die Anstecknadel; die Stecknadel; die Haarnadel
  4. the insignia (mark; decoration; badge)
    Ehrenzeichen; die Gestaltung; der Abzeichen; die Unterscheidung; die Einrichtung; die Auszeichnung; der Orden; die Dekoration; Erkennen; die Formgebung; die Einkleidung; Unterscheidungsmerkmal

Translation Matrix for insignia:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
Abzeichen badge; decoration; insignia; mark badge; characterizing someone; differentiate; distinguishing; identification mark; licence number; licence plate; mark; number plate; registration number
Anstecknadel badge; decoration; insignia; pin badge; flag; ornamental pin; pin
Auszeichnung badge; decoration; insignia; mark differentiate; distinguishing
Dekoration badge; decoration; insignia; mark decoration; furnishing
Ehrenzeichen badge; decoration; insignia; mark
Einkleidung badge; decoration; insignia; mark
Einrichtung badge; decoration; insignia; mark arrangement; bureau; care; classification; concern; decoration; disposition; funny farm; furnishing; home; loony bin; madhouse; maintenance; marshalling; mental home; mental hospital; mental institution; nursing; nut-house; office; organisation; organization; position; provision; ranging; service; worry
Erkennen badge; decoration; insignia; mark awareness; consciousness; idea; insight; mind; notion; realisation; realization; reason; vision
Formgebung badge; decoration; insignia; mark design; styling
Gestaltung badge; decoration; insignia; mark building; completing; composition; condition; configuration; construction; consummation; design; filling in; form; formation; fulfillment; fulfilment; realisation; realization; shape; styling
Haarnadel badge; decoration; insignia; pin badge; flag; hair clasp; hairpin; pin
Orden badge; decoration; insignia; mark badge; decoration; honor; honour; knighthood; medal; medal of honour; order
Ordenszeichen badge; insignia adornment; buttonhole; corsage; decoration; drapery; garnishing; ornament
Stecknadel badge; decoration; insignia; pin badge; flag; pin
Unterscheidung badge; decoration; insignia; mark
Unterscheidungsmerkmal badge; decoration; insignia; mark badge; decoration; honor; honour; knighthood; medal; order

Related Words for "insignia":

  • insignias

Synonyms for "insignia":

Related Definitions for "insignia":

  1. a badge worn to show official position1

Wiktionary Translations for insignia:

  1. symbol or token of power, status, or offic
  1. Zeichen an der Kleidung, die die Position (Rang) des Trägers in einer Organisation anzeigen