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  1. maneuver:


Detailed Translations for maneuver from English to German


Translation Matrix for maneuver:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- evasive action; manoeuver; manoeuvre; play; simulated military operation; tactic; tactical maneuver; tactical manoeuvre; tactics
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- manoeuver; manoeuvre; operate

Synonyms for "maneuver":

Related Definitions for "maneuver":

  1. an action aimed at evading an opponent1
  2. a move made to gain a tactical end1
  3. a deliberate coordinated movement requiring dexterity and skill1
    • he made a great maneuver1
  4. a military training exercise1
  5. a plan for attaining a particular goal1
  6. perform a movement in military or naval tactics in order to secure an advantage in attack or defense1
  7. act in order to achieve a certain goal1
    • He maneuvered to get the chairmanship1
    • She maneuvered herself into the directorship1

Wiktionary Translations for maneuver:

  1. to move (something) carefully, and often with difficulty, into a certain position
  1. a large training exercise of military troops
  2. a movement, often one performed with difficulty
  1. ein Fahrzeug (insbesondere ein Schiff) lenken
  2. (transitiv), (umgangssprachlich): mit Mühe an einen anderen Ort bringen
  1. intransitiv, bildlich, umgangssprachlich, oft abwertend: sich mit Fähigkeit und Flinkheit gewandt durch Schwierigkeiten hindurchwinden

Cross Translation:
maneuver Manöver manœuvre — Ces mouvements exécutés en temps de paix pour exercer les troupes