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Detailed Translations for sleep in from English to German

sleep in:

sleep in verb

  1. sleep in (lie-in; sleep late)
    – sleep later than usual or customary 1
    • ausschlafen verb (schlafe aus, schläfst aus, schläft aus, schlief aus, schlieft aus, ausgeschlafen)

Translation Matrix for sleep in:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
ausschlafen lie-in; sleep in; sleep late
- live in; sleep late

Synonyms for "sleep in":

Antonyms for "sleep in":

  • live out

Related Definitions for "sleep in":

  1. sleep later than usual or customary1
    • On Sundays, I sleep in1
  2. live in the house where one works1

Wiktionary Translations for sleep in:

sleep in
  1. to sleep late

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