Detailed Translations for spill from English to German


to spill verb (spills, spilled, spilling)

  1. to spill (mess; slop)
    beschmutzen; schweinigeln; beflecken; kleckern; verschmutzen; schmieren; manschen; panschen; beschmieren; verunreinigen; beklecksen
    • beschmutzen verb (beschmutze, beschmutzt, beschmutzte, beschmutztet, beschmutzt)
    • schweinigeln verb (schweinigele, schweinigelst, schweinigelt, schweinigelte, schweinigeltet, geschweinigelt)
    • beflecken verb (beflecke, befleckst, befleckt, befleckte, beflecktet, befleckt)
    • kleckern verb (kleckere, kleckerst, kleckert, kleckerte, kleckertet, gekleckert)
    • verschmutzen verb (verschmutze, verschmutzt, verschmutzte, verschmutztet, verschmutzt)
    • schmieren verb (schmiere, schmierest, schmieret, schmierete, schmieretet, geschmiert)
    • manschen verb (mansche, manschst, manscht, manschte, manschtet, gemanscht)
    • panschen verb (pansche, panschest, panscht, panschte, panschtet, gepanscht)
    • beschmieren verb (beschmiere, beschmierst, beschmiert, beschmierte, beschmiertet, beschmiert)
    • verunreinigen verb (verunreinige, verunreinigst, verunreinigt, verunreinigte, verunreinigtet, vereinigt)
    • beklecksen verb (bekleckse, bekleckst, bekleckste, bekleckstet, bekleckst)
  2. to spill (waste; dissipate; slop; mess; squander)
    verschwenden; vertun; verderben; vergeuden; vergießen; verkrümeln; vermasseln; verhunzen; verpfuschen; vermurksen
    • verschwenden verb (verschwende, verschwendest, verschwendet, verschwendete, verschwendetet, verschwendet)
    • vertun verb (vertue, vertuest, vertut, vertat, vertan)
    • verderben verb (verderbe, verdirbst, verdirbt, verdarb, verdarbt, verdorben)
    • vergeuden verb (vergeude, vergeudest, vergeudet, vergeudete, vergeudetet, vergeudet)
    • vergießen verb (vergieße, vergießest, vergießt, vergoß, vergoßt, vergossen)
    • verkrümeln verb (verkrümele, verkrümelst, verkrümelt, verkrümelte, verkrümeltet, verkrümelt)
    • vermasseln verb (vermassele, vermasselst, vermasselt, vermasselte, vermasseltet, vermasselt)
    • verhunzen verb (verhunze, verhunzt, verhunzte, verhunztet, verhunzt)
    • verpfuschen verb (verpfusche, verpfuscht, verpfuschte, verpfuschtet, verpfuscht)
    • vermurksen verb (vermurkse, vermurkst, vermurkste, vermurkstet, vermurkst)

Conjugations for spill:

  1. spill
  2. spill
  3. spills
  4. spill
  5. spill
  6. spill
simple past
  1. spilled
  2. spilled
  3. spilled
  4. spilled
  5. spilled
  6. spilled
present perfect
  1. have spilled
  2. have spilled
  3. has spilled
  4. have spilled
  5. have spilled
  6. have spilled
past continuous
  1. was spilling
  2. were spilling
  3. was spilling
  4. were spilling
  5. were spilling
  6. were spilling
  1. shall spill
  2. will spill
  3. will spill
  4. shall spill
  5. will spill
  6. will spill
continuous present
  1. am spilling
  2. are spilling
  3. is spilling
  4. are spilling
  5. are spilling
  6. are spilling
  1. be spilled
  2. be spilled
  3. be spilled
  4. be spilled
  5. be spilled
  6. be spilled
  1. spill!
  2. let's spill!
  3. spilled
  4. spilling
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

spill [the ~] noun

  1. the spill (leakage; leak)
    die Leckage; die undichte Stelle; Leck

Translation Matrix for spill:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
Leck leak; leakage; spill hole; leak; leakage; punch-mark; puncture
Leckage leak; leakage; spill
undichte Stelle leak; leakage; spill hole; leak; leakage; punch-mark; puncture
- fall; release; spillage; spillway; tumble; wasteweir
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
beflecken mess; slop; spill
beklecksen mess; slop; spill blot; daub; plaster; smear
beschmieren mess; slop; spill besmear; blot; daub; plaster; smear; soil; stain
beschmutzen mess; slop; spill blemish; blur; dim; dirty; foul; fuzzy; make dirty; pollute; slur; soil; stain
kleckern mess; slop; spill potter; shed; trifle
manschen mess; slop; spill
panschen mess; slop; spill
schmieren mess; slop; spill blot; daub; daub down; depart; go away; grease; leave; lubricate; make blots; oil; potter; rub in; smear; take off; trifle
schweinigeln mess; slop; spill make a mess; potter; tell dirty jokes; trifle
verderben dissipate; mess; slop; spill; squander; waste backslide; botch up; degenerate; destruct; devastate; eliminate; exhaust; go to seed; lay waste; liquidate; mess up; muck up; ruin; spoil; wear out; work to death; wreck
vergeuden dissipate; mess; slop; spill; squander; waste dissipate; shed; spend; squander; throw away; waste
vergießen dissipate; mess; slop; spill; squander; waste shed
verhunzen dissipate; mess; slop; spill; squander; waste commit murder; dissipate; kill; murder; spoil; squander; waste
verkrümeln dissipate; mess; slop; spill; squander; waste crumble
vermasseln dissipate; mess; slop; spill; squander; waste spoil
vermurksen dissipate; mess; slop; spill; squander; waste spoil
verpfuschen dissipate; mess; slop; spill; squander; waste bungle; mangle; spoil; tinker
verschmutzen mess; slop; spill blemish; dirty; make dirty; pollute; soil
verschwenden dissipate; mess; slop; spill; squander; waste charge through; dissipate; flog; fly through; shed; spend; squander; waste
vertun dissipate; mess; slop; spill; squander; waste bungle; dissipate; shed; squander; throw away; tinker; waste
verunreinigen mess; slop; spill blemish; dirty; foul; make dirty; pollute; soil
- disgorge; pour forth; run out; shed; slop; splatter; talk
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
beklecksen blotched; plastered

Related Words for "spill":

Synonyms for "spill":

Related Definitions for "spill":

  1. a sudden drop from an upright position1
    • he had a nasty spill on the ice1
  2. the act of allowing a fluid to escape1
  3. a channel that carries excess water over or around a dam or other obstruction1
  4. liquid that is spilled1
    • clean up the spills1
  5. reduce the pressure of wind on (a sail)1
  6. reveal information1
    • The former employee spilled all the details1
  7. cause or allow (a solid substance) to flow or run out or over1
    • spill the beans all over the table1
  8. pour out in drops or small quantities or as if in drops or small quantities1
    • spill blood1
  9. cause or allow (a liquid substance) to run or flow from a container1
    • spill the milk1
  10. flow, run or fall out and become lost1
    • The milk spilled across the floor1
    • The wine spilled onto the table1

Wiktionary Translations for spill:

  1. transitive: to drop something so that it spreads out
  1. (transitiv) etwas beflecken
  2. daneben schütten, verschütten, daneben fließen lassen
  1. leicht entzündlicher Holzspan oder Papierstreifen, der zum Entfachen eines Feuers genutzt wird

Cross Translation:
spill kleckern morsen — (overgankelijk) materiaal daar laten belanden waar niet thuis hoort
spill stürzen; zu Fall bringen; umstoßen; umstürzen; umwerfen renverser — Traductions à trier suivant le sens
spill auslassen; herauslassen; herausfließen lassen; ausschließen; aussondern; heraustun; herausschaffen; ausstoßen; streuen; verbreiten; senden; diffundieren; zerstreuen; diffus zurückwerfen répandreépancher ; verser ; laisser tomber un liquide.


Detailed Translations for spill from German to English


Synonyms for "Spill":

Wiktionary Translations for Spill:

  1. vertical cleated drum or cylinder