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applicant [the ~] noun

  1. the applicant (appealer; petitioner)
    der Antragsteller; der Bittende
  2. the applicant (interested party; candidate; nominee; bachelor)
    der Kanditat; der Interessent; der Mitbewerber
  3. the applicant (candidate)
    die Anwärterin
  4. the applicant (candidate)
    der Bewerber
  5. the applicant
    der Ersucher
  6. the applicant
    der Anwärter; der Aspirant
  7. the applicant (petitioner; inquirer)
    die Antragstellerin

Translation Matrix for applicant:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
Antragsteller appealer; applicant; petitioner applicants; callers; candidates; mover; petitioners; proposers
Antragstellerin applicant; inquirer; petitioner female suppliant; petitioner; proposer; she petitioner
Anwärter applicant applicants; candidates; trainees; volunteer; volunteers
Anwärterin applicant; candidate
Aspirant applicant
Bewerber applicant; candidate job-applicant
Bittende appealer; applicant; petitioner complainer
Ersucher applicant appealer; caller; petitioner
Interessent applicant; bachelor; candidate; interested party; nominee interested parties; interested party; party concerned; person who is interested; prospect; those interested
Kanditat applicant; bachelor; candidate; interested party; nominee
Mitbewerber applicant; bachelor; candidate; interested party; nominee competitor; contestant; rival
- applier

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Related Definitions for "applicant":

  1. a person who requests or seeks something such as assistance or employment or admission1

Wiktionary Translations for applicant:

  1. one who applies
  1. ein Bewerber für eine Aufgabe, Position, einen Job und andere
  2. Person, die einen Antrag stellt, um etwas zu bekommen
  3. Person, die einen Antrag stellt oder einbringt

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