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Detailed Translations for aspiring from English to German


Translation Matrix for aspiring:

AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- aspirant; wishful
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- ambitious
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
ambitiös ambitious; aspiring; high-flying; pushy floating high; flying high; high-flying; soaring
ehrgeizig ambitious; aspiring; high-flying; pushy
eifrig ambitious; aspiring; high-flying; pushy active; actively; animated; ardent; assiduous; avid; busily; busily engaged; busy; decisive; desirous; diligent; eager; eagre; energetic; engaged; excited; exciting; fanatical; fanatically; fervent; fierce; hard-working; heated; horny; hot; hot-blooded; hot-tempered; humming; indefatigable; industrious; industriously; intense; keen; lascivious; lively; obsessed; occupied; operative; passionate; practiced; practised; randy; temperamental; temperamentful; tied up; tireless; up; vibrant; working; zealous
enorm ambitious; aspiring; high-flying; pushy awecommanding; colossal; confounding; deferent; dumbfounded; enormous; gigantic; grand; grandiose; huge; immense; magnificent; out of proportion; overpowering; overwhelming; regardful; respectful; reverential; splendid; stupendous; swell; terrible; to a huge extent; tremendous; vast; very big; very large
großartig ambitious; aspiring; high-flying; pushy blinding; brilliant; colossal; cool; dazzling; delightful; enormous; excellent; exquisite; extraordinary; fabulous; famous; fanciful; fantastic; first-rate; formidable; gigantic; glittering; glorious; grand; grandiose; great; haughty; huge; immense; lofty; lordly; magnificent; marvellous; marvelous; mighty; out of proportion; outrageous; phenomenal; powerful; princely; prodigious; proud; royal; smashing; splendid; stupendous; super; superb; swell; terrible; terrific; to a huge extent; top-notch; tremendous; vast; very large; vigorous; wonderful
tollkühn ambitious; aspiring; high-flying; pushy audacious; daredevil; daring; floating high; flying high; foolhardy; high-flying; light-headed; overconfident; presumptuous; rash; reckless; soaring; temerarious

Related Words for "aspiring":

Synonyms for "aspiring":

Related Definitions for "aspiring":

  1. desiring or striving for recognition or advancement1

aspiring form of aspire:

to aspire verb (aspires, aspired, aspiring)

  1. to aspire (aspire to; strive for; work towards; strive after)
    • anstreben verb (strebe an, strebst an, strebt an, strebte an, strebtet an, angestrebt)
  2. to aspire (aim at; strive for; aspire to; )
    – have an ambitious plan or a lofty goal 1
    anstreben; erstreben
    • anstreben verb (strebe an, strebst an, strebt an, strebte an, strebtet an, angestrebt)
    • erstreben verb

Conjugations for aspire:

  1. aspire
  2. aspire
  3. aspires
  4. aspire
  5. aspire
  6. aspire
simple past
  1. aspired
  2. aspired
  3. aspired
  4. aspired
  5. aspired
  6. aspired
present perfect
  1. have aspired
  2. have aspired
  3. has aspired
  4. have aspired
  5. have aspired
  6. have aspired
past continuous
  1. was aspiring
  2. were aspiring
  3. was aspiring
  4. were aspiring
  5. were aspiring
  6. were aspiring
  1. shall aspire
  2. will aspire
  3. will aspire
  4. shall aspire
  5. will aspire
  6. will aspire
continuous present
  1. am aspiring
  2. are aspiring
  3. is aspiring
  4. are aspiring
  5. are aspiring
  6. are aspiring
  1. be aspired
  2. be aspired
  3. be aspired
  4. be aspired
  5. be aspired
  6. be aspired
  1. aspire!
  2. let's aspire!
  3. aspired
  4. aspiring
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for aspire:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
anstreben aim at; aspire; aspire to; seek; strive after; strive for; work towards aim at; devote oneself to; go to; head for; make for; mean; strive; work for
erstreben aim at; aspire; aspire to; seek; strive after; strive for; work towards aim at; aim for; chase; devote oneself to; haunt; make for; mean; persecute; pursue; strive; strive after; work for
- aim; draw a bead on; shoot for

Related Words for "aspire":

Synonyms for "aspire":

  • draw a bead on; aim; shoot for; plan; be after

Related Definitions for "aspire":

  1. have an ambitious plan or a lofty goal1

Wiktionary Translations for aspire:

  1. to hope or dream