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Detailed Translations for be surprised from English to German

be surprised:

to be surprised verb (is surprised, being surprised)

  1. to be surprised (be astonished; be amazed)
    überrascht aufblicken; aufsehen; gucken; staunen; hinaufsehen; stutzen; emporblicken
    • aufsehen verb (sehe auf, siehst auf, sieht auf, sah auf, saht auf, aufgesehen)
    • gucken verb (gucke, guckst, guckt, guckte, gucktet, geguckt)
    • staunen verb (staune, staunst, staunt, staunte, stauntet, gestaund)
    • hinaufsehen verb (sehe hinauf, siehst hinauf, sieht hinauf, sah hinauf, saht hinauf, hinaufgesehen)
    • stutzen verb (stutze, stutzt, stutzte, stutztet, gestutzt)
    • emporblicken verb (blicke empor, blickst empor, blickt empor, blickte empor, blicktet empor, emporgeblickt)
  2. to be surprised (be amazed; be astonished; look surprised)
    • staunen verb (staune, staunst, staunt, staunte, stauntet, gestaund)

Conjugations for be surprised:

  1. am surprised
  2. are surprised
  3. is surprised
  4. are surprised
  5. are surprised
  6. are surprised
present perfect
  1. have been surprised
  2. have been surprised
  3. has been surprised
  4. have been surprised
  5. have been surprised
  6. have been surprised
past continuous
  1. was being surprised
  2. were being surprised
  3. was being surprised
  4. were being surprised
  5. were being surprised
  6. were being surprised
  1. shall be surprised
  2. will be surprised
  3. will be surprised
  4. shall be surprised
  5. will be surprised
  6. will be surprised
continuous present
  1. am being surprised
  2. are being surprised
  3. is being surprised
  4. are being surprised
  5. are being surprised
  6. are being surprised
  1. be been surprised
  2. be been surprised
  3. be been surprised
  4. be been surprised
  5. be been surprised
  6. be been surprised
  1. be surprised!
  2. let's be surprised!
  3. been surprised
  4. being surprised
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for be surprised:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
aufsehen be amazed; be astonished; be surprised look up; look upwards
emporblicken be amazed; be astonished; be surprised look up; look up against; look upwards
gucken be amazed; be astonished; be surprised become aware of; behold; consider; glance at; have in mind; look at; look up; look upwards; nominate; notice; observe; peer; perceive; see; see in; view; watch
hinaufsehen be amazed; be astonished; be surprised look up; look upwards
staunen be amazed; be astonished; be surprised; look surprised be amazed; be astonished
stutzen be amazed; be astonished; be surprised be dumbfounded; clip; come to a stand-still; cut; cut close; get suspicious; halt; pare; skim; stand still; stop; stop for a while; trim
überrascht aufblicken be amazed; be astonished; be surprised

Wiktionary Translations for be surprised:

be surprised
  1. (reflexiv) (sich wundern): über etwas Unerwartetes ins Staunen geraten

Cross Translation:
be surprised verwundern verwonderen — wederkerend werkwoord

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