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Detailed Translations for botch up from English to German

botch up:

botch up verb

  1. botch up (spoil; mess up; muck up)
    verderben; verpesten; verseuchen
    • verderben verb (verderbe, verdirbst, verdirbt, verdarb, verdarbt, verdorben)
    • verpesten verb (verpeste, verpestest, verpestet, verpestete, verpestetet, verpestet)
    • verseuchen verb (verseuche, verseuchst, verseucht, verseuchte, verseuchtet, verseucht)

Translation Matrix for botch up:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
verderben botch up; mess up; muck up; spoil backslide; degenerate; destruct; devastate; dissipate; eliminate; exhaust; go to seed; lay waste; liquidate; mess; ruin; slop; spill; spoil; squander; waste; wear out; work to death; wreck
verpesten botch up; mess up; muck up; spoil
verseuchen botch up; mess up; muck up; spoil contaminate; infect; poison
- ball up; blow; bodge; bollix; bollix up; bollocks; bollocks up; botch; bumble; bungle; flub; fluff; fumble; muck up; muff; screw up; spoil

Synonyms for "botch up":

Related Definitions for "botch up":

  1. make a mess of, destroy or ruin1

Wiktionary Translations for botch up:

botch up
  1. ruin, mess up

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