Detailed Translations for chasten from English to German


to chasten verb (chastens, chastened, chastening)

  1. to chasten (purify; refine; ennoble)
    reinigen; läutern; säubern; klären; aufklären; abtreiben
    • reinigen verb (reinige, reinigst, reinigt, reinigte, reinigtet, gereinigt)
    • läutern verb (läutere, läuterst, läutert, läuterte, läutertet, geläutert)
    • säubern verb (säubere, säuberst, säubert, säuberte, säubertet, gesäuber)
    • klären verb (kläre, klärst, klärt, klärte, klärtet, geklärt)
    • aufklären verb (kläre auf, klärst auf, klärt auf, klärte auf, klärtet auf, aufgeklärt)
    • abtreiben verb (treibe ab, treibst ab, treibt ab, trieb ab, triebt ab, abgetrieben)
  2. to chasten (punish; castigate; chastise)
    bestrafen; strafen
    • bestrafen verb (bestrafe, bestrafst, bestraft, bestrafte, bestraftet, bestraft)
    • strafen verb (strafe, strafst, straft, strafte, straftet, gestraft)

Conjugations for chasten:

  1. chasten
  2. chasten
  3. chastens
  4. chasten
  5. chasten
  6. chasten
simple past
  1. chastened
  2. chastened
  3. chastened
  4. chastened
  5. chastened
  6. chastened
present perfect
  1. have chastened
  2. have chastened
  3. has chastened
  4. have chastened
  5. have chastened
  6. have chastened
past continuous
  1. was chastening
  2. were chastening
  3. was chastening
  4. were chastening
  5. were chastening
  6. were chastening
  1. shall chasten
  2. will chasten
  3. will chasten
  4. shall chasten
  5. will chasten
  6. will chasten
continuous present
  1. am chastening
  2. are chastening
  3. is chastening
  4. are chastening
  5. are chastening
  6. are chastening
  1. be chastened
  2. be chastened
  3. be chastened
  4. be chastened
  5. be chastened
  6. be chastened
  1. chasten!
  2. let's chasten!
  3. chastened
  4. chastening
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for chasten:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
abtreiben chasten; ennoble; purify; refine abort; dispel; disperse; expel; oust
aufklären chasten; ennoble; purify; refine brighten; call attention to; clarify; clear; clear the table; clear up; draw attention to; elucidate; empty the table; enlighten; exemplify; explain; expound; illustrate; indicate; inform; instil; instill; make known; make something accessible; make something clear; point; point out; show; signal; tell; throw light on
bestrafen castigate; chasten; chastise; punish accuse; admonish; blame; castigate; chastise; chide; decry; denounce; discipline; discredit; exhort; hold against; hold it against s.o.; inflict disciplinary punishment; penalise; penalize; punish; rebuke; remove; reprimand; reproach; reprove; resent; scarify; warn
klären chasten; ennoble; purify; refine brighten; clarify; clear up; elucidate; enlighten; exemplify; explain; expound; finish; fix; have ended; have finished; illustrate; throw light on
läutern chasten; ennoble; purify; refine
reinigen chasten; ennoble; purify; refine clean; clear; give a good cleaning; remove; wash
strafen castigate; chasten; chastise; punish chastise; discipline; inflict disciplinary punishment; penalise; penalize; punish; rebuke; reprimand
säubern chasten; ennoble; purify; refine brush clean; clean; clear; give a good cleaning; remove; wash; whitewash
- castigate; chastise; correct; moderate; objurgate; subdue; tame; temper
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- purify; try

Related Words for "chasten":

  • chastening, chastened

Synonyms for "chasten":

Related Definitions for "chasten":

  1. correct by punishment or discipline1
  2. restrain1
  3. censure severely1