Detailed Translations for climb down from English to German

climb down:

to climb down verb (climbs down, climbed down, climbing down)

  1. to climb down
    • heruntersteigen verb (steige herunter, steigst herunter, steigt herunter, stieg herunter, stiegt herunter, heruntergestiegen)
  2. to climb down (dismount; get off)
    absteigen; absitzen; herabkommen
    • absteigen verb (steige ab, steigst ab, steigt ab, stieg ab, stieget ab, abgestiegen)
    • absitzen verb (sitze ab, sitzt ab, saß ab, saßt ab, abgesessen)
    • herabkommen verb (komme herab, kommst herab, kommt herab, kam herab, kamt herab, herabgekommen)
  3. to climb down (back down; back out)

Conjugations for climb down:

  1. climb down
  2. climb down
  3. climbs down
  4. climb down
  5. climb down
  6. climb down
simple past
  1. climbed down
  2. climbed down
  3. climbed down
  4. climbed down
  5. climbed down
  6. climbed down
present perfect
  1. have climbed down
  2. have climbed down
  3. has climbed down
  4. have climbed down
  5. have climbed down
  6. have climbed down
past continuous
  1. was climbing down
  2. were climbing down
  3. was climbing down
  4. were climbing down
  5. were climbing down
  6. were climbing down
  1. shall climb down
  2. will climb down
  3. will climb down
  4. shall climb down
  5. will climb down
  6. will climb down
continuous present
  1. am climbing down
  2. are climbing down
  3. is climbing down
  4. are climbing down
  5. are climbing down
  6. are climbing down
  1. be climbed down
  2. be climbed down
  3. be climbed down
  4. be climbed down
  5. be climbed down
  6. be climbed down
  1. climb down!
  2. let's climb down!
  3. climbed down
  4. climbing down
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for climb down:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
Segel aufziehen back down; back out; climb down
absitzen climb down; dismount; get off sit out; sit out to the end; stay until the end
absteigen climb down; dismount; get off come down; descend; go down; land
herabkommen climb down; dismount; get off
heruntersteigen climb down come down; descend; get finished; get off; go down; land; step down; step out
- alight

Synonyms for "climb down":

Related Definitions for "climb down":

  1. come down1

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