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  1. come to grief:


Detailed Translations for come to grief from English to German

come to grief:

to come to grief verb (comes to grief, came to grief, coming to grief)

  1. to come to grief (be ruined)
    vergehen; scheitern; untergehen; sinken
    • vergehen verb (vergehe, vergehst, vergeht, vergang, vergangt, vergangen)
    • scheitern verb (scheitere, scheiterst, scheitert, scheiterte, scheitertet, gescheitert)
    • untergehen verb (untergehe, untergehst, untergeht, untergang, untergangt, untergegangen)
    • sinken verb (sinke, sinkst, sinkt, sank, sankt, gesunken)

Conjugations for come to grief:

  1. come to grief
  2. come to grief
  3. comes to grief
  4. come to grief
  5. come to grief
  6. come to grief
simple past
  1. came to grief
  2. came to grief
  3. came to grief
  4. came to grief
  5. came to grief
  6. came to grief
present perfect
  1. have come to grief
  2. have come to grief
  3. has come to grief
  4. have come to grief
  5. have come to grief
  6. have come to grief
past continuous
  1. was coming to grief
  2. were coming to grief
  3. was coming to grief
  4. were coming to grief
  5. were coming to grief
  6. were coming to grief
  1. shall come to grief
  2. will come to grief
  3. will come to grief
  4. shall come to grief
  5. will come to grief
  6. will come to grief
continuous present
  1. am coming to grief
  2. are coming to grief
  3. is coming to grief
  4. are coming to grief
  5. are coming to grief
  6. are coming to grief
  1. be come to grief
  2. be come to grief
  3. be come to grief
  4. be come to grief
  5. be come to grief
  6. be come to grief
  1. come to grief!
  2. let's come to grief!
  3. come to grief
  4. coming to grief
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for come to grief:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
scheitern be ruined; come to grief fail; fall flat; flop; go wrong; lose one's face; meet with disaster; suffer damage
sinken be ruined; come to grief bear; become lower; clear; clear the table; decline; drop; empty the table; endure; fall; go down; go under; perish; regress; set; settle; sink; stand; submerge; succumb; suffer; sustain; tumble; waining
untergehen be ruined; come to grief be killed; be lost; be wrecked; bear; break down; crash; endure; fail; fall; get lost; go astray; go down; go to pieces; go to the dogs; go to wrack and ruin; go under; have a breakdown; meet an accident; meet with disaster; perish; set; sink; stand; submerge; succumb; suffer; sustain
vergehen be ruined; come to grief be lost; be wrecked; crash; crumble; decay; decline; disintegrate; elapse; expire; fail; fall apart; fall into decay; fall to bits; fall to pieces; go by; go to ruin; meet an accident; meet with disaster; pass; perish

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