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Detailed Translations for conjugate from English to German


to conjugate verb (conjugates, conjugated, conjugating)

  1. to conjugate (inflect; decline)
    konjugieren; verbeugen; deklinieren; beugen; abwandeln; abändern
    • konjugieren verb (konjugiere, konjugierst, konjugiert, konjugierte, konjugiertet, konjugiert)
    • verbeugen verb (verbeuge, verbeugst, verbeugt, verbeugte, verbeugtet, verbeugt)
    • deklinieren verb (dekliniere, deklinierst, dekliniert, deklinierte, dekliniertet, dekliniert)
    • beugen verb (beuge, beugst, beugt, beugte, beugtet, gebeugt)
    • abwandeln verb (wandele ab, wandelst ab, wandelt ab, wandelte ab, wandeltet ab, abgewandelt)
    • abändern verb (abändere, abändert, abänderte, abändertet, geabändernet)

Conjugations for conjugate:

  1. conjugate
  2. conjugate
  3. conjugates
  4. conjugate
  5. conjugate
  6. conjugate
simple past
  1. conjugated
  2. conjugated
  3. conjugated
  4. conjugated
  5. conjugated
  6. conjugated
present perfect
  1. have conjugated
  2. have conjugated
  3. has conjugated
  4. have conjugated
  5. have conjugated
  6. have conjugated
past continuous
  1. was conjugating
  2. were conjugating
  3. was conjugating
  4. were conjugating
  5. were conjugating
  6. were conjugating
  1. shall conjugate
  2. will conjugate
  3. will conjugate
  4. shall conjugate
  5. will conjugate
  6. will conjugate
continuous present
  1. am conjugating
  2. are conjugating
  3. is conjugating
  4. are conjugating
  5. are conjugating
  6. are conjugating
  1. be conjugated
  2. be conjugated
  3. be conjugated
  4. be conjugated
  5. be conjugated
  6. be conjugated
  1. conjugate!
  2. let's conjugate!
  3. conjugated
  4. conjugating
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for conjugate:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- conjugate solution
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
abwandeln conjugate; decline; inflect alter; change; create; interchange; invent; make; switch; transform; vary
abändern conjugate; decline; inflect alter; amend; change; create; interchange; invent; make; modify; review; revise; switch; transform; vary
beugen conjugate; decline; inflect arch; bend; bow; bow in honour; curve; rape
deklinieren conjugate; decline; inflect
konjugieren conjugate; decline; inflect
verbeugen conjugate; decline; inflect arch; bow; bow in honour; curve
AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- conjugated; coupled

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Synonyms for "conjugate":

Related Definitions for "conjugate":

  1. of an organic compound; containing two or more double bonds each separated from the other by a single bond1
  2. formed by the union of two compounds1
  3. (of a pinnate leaflet) having only one pair of leaflets1
  4. joined together especially in a pair or pairs1
  5. a mixture of two partially miscible liquids A and B produces two conjugate solutions: one of A in B and another of B in A1
  6. unite chemically so that the product is easily broken down into the original compounds1
  7. undergo conjugation1
  8. add inflections showing person, number, gender, tense, aspect, etc.1
    • conjugate the verb1

Wiktionary Translations for conjugate:

  1. to inflect (a verb) for each person
Cross Translation:
conjugate konjugieren conjuguer — (grammaire, fr) modifier dans un ordre convenir la racine d’un verbe d’après les voix, les modes, les temps et les personnes.