Detailed Translations for contend from English to German


to contend verb (contends, contended, contending)

  1. to contend (assert; demonstrate)
    demonstrieren; behaupten; feststellen; konstatieren; aufstellen; annehmen; eineKundgebungabhalten; eineKundgebunghalten
    • demonstrieren verb (demonstriere, demonstrierst, demonstriert, demonstrierte, demonstriertet, demonstriert)
    • behaupten verb (behaupte, behauptest, behauptet, behauptete, behauptetet, behauptet)
    • feststellen verb (stelle fest, stellst fest, stellt fest, stellte fest, stelltet fest, festgestellt)
    • konstatieren verb (konstatiere, konstatierst, konstatiert, konstatierte, konstatiertet, konstatiert)
    • aufstellen verb (stelle auf, stellst auf, stellt auf, stellte auf, stelltet auf, aufgestellt)
    • annehmen verb (nehme an, nimmst an, nimmt an, nahm an, nahmt an, angenommen)

Conjugations for contend:

  1. contend
  2. contend
  3. contends
  4. contend
  5. contend
  6. contend
simple past
  1. contended
  2. contended
  3. contended
  4. contended
  5. contended
  6. contended
present perfect
  1. have contended
  2. have contended
  3. has contended
  4. have contended
  5. have contended
  6. have contended
past continuous
  1. was contending
  2. were contending
  3. was contending
  4. were contending
  5. were contending
  6. were contending
  1. shall contend
  2. will contend
  3. will contend
  4. shall contend
  5. will contend
  6. will contend
continuous present
  1. am contending
  2. are contending
  3. is contending
  4. are contending
  5. are contending
  6. are contending
  1. be contended
  2. be contended
  3. be contended
  4. be contended
  5. be contended
  6. be contended
  1. contend!
  2. let's contend!
  3. contended
  4. contending
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for contend:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
annehmen assert; contend; demonstrate accept; accept a gift; admit; adopt; aim at; answer; believe; believe in; collect; conjecture; estimate; guess; introduce; make for; mean; postulate; presume; presuppose; put forward; raise; receive; speculate; strive; suppose; surmise; take
aufstellen assert; contend; demonstrate arrange; bring down; build; build up; compose; construct; consume; deposit; erect; establish; form; instal; install; lay; laydown; place; put down; put together; raise; set; set down; set up; situate; station; take down; use; utilise; utilize
behaupten assert; contend; demonstrate do as if; feign; pretend; sham; stop someone
demonstrieren assert; contend; demonstrate
eineKundgebungabhalten assert; contend; demonstrate demonstrate; expose; illustrate; make your point; show what you mean
eineKundgebunghalten assert; contend; demonstrate demonstrate; expose; illustrate; make your point; show what you mean
feststellen assert; contend; demonstrate affirm; ascertain; attend; become aware of; check; check out; determine; encounter; establish; experience; feel; find; go through again; identify; investigate; notice; observe; perceive; see; sense; signal; trace; witness
konstatieren assert; contend; demonstrate ascertain; establish; identify
- argue; compete; contest; cope; deal; debate; fence; fight; get by; grapple; make do; make out; manage; postulate; repugn; struggle; vie

Synonyms for "contend":

Related Definitions for "contend":

  1. maintain or assert1
    • He contended that Communism had no future1
  2. have an argument about something1
  3. to make the subject of dispute, contention, or litigation1
  4. compete for something; engage in a contest; measure oneself against others1
  5. be engaged in a fight; carry on a fight1
    • Militant groups are contending for control of the country1
  6. come to terms with1

Wiktionary Translations for contend:

Cross Translation:
contend kämpfen; streiten bataillerlivrer de petits combats.
contend kämpfen; streiten combattreattaquer son ennemi, ou en soutenir l’attaque.
contend zusammenarbeiten; mitwirken; konkurrieren; wetteifern concourirtendre ensemble au même but, coopérer.
contend konkurrieren; wetteifern rivaliserdisputer de talent, de mérite, etc., avec quelqu’un, en approcher, l’égaler.