Detailed Translations for day-dreaming from English to German


day-dreaming [the ~] noun

  1. the day-dreaming (musing; reverie)
    Sinnen; Grübeln; Sinnieren; Nachdenken; Nachsinnen

Translation Matrix for day-dreaming:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
Grübeln day-dreaming; musing; reverie brooding; concentrate on; contemplation; contriving; deep-thinking; drudgery; focus on; meditation; musing; pondering; reflection; reverie; thought; toiling; troubling; worrying
Nachdenken day-dreaming; musing; reverie consideration; considered opinion; contemplation; daydreaming; deliberation; ground; meditation; musing; pondering; reflection; reflexion; reverie; thought
Nachsinnen day-dreaming; musing; reverie consideration; deliberation; ground; reflexion
Sinnen day-dreaming; musing; reverie
Sinnieren day-dreaming; musing; reverie contriving; musing
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
dusselig day-dreaming; dreamy dense; dull; obtuse; stupid
gedankenvoll absorbed in thought; day-dreaming; far away; musing; pensive; thoughtful consummate; deep; deep-seated; drowned; in depth; penetrating; perfect; profound; thorough
grüblerisch day-dreaming; dreamy brooding; fretting; worrisome; worrying
nachdenkend absorbed in thought; day-dreaming; far away; musing; pensive; thoughtful
träumerisch day-dreaming; dreamy; musing

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