Detailed Translations for divert from English to German


to divert verb (diverts, diverted, diverting)

  1. to divert (entertain someone; amuse)
    amüsieren; unterhalten; ablenken; zerstreuen; ableiten
    • amüsieren verb (amüsiere, amüsierst, amüsiert, amüsierte, amüsiertet, amüsiert)
    • unterhalten verb (unterhalte, unterhälst, unterhält, unterhielt, unterhieltet, unterhalten)
    • ablenken verb (lenke ab, lenkst ab, lenkt ab, lenkte ab, lenktet ab, abgelent)
    • zerstreuen verb (zerstreue, zerstreust, zerstreut, zerstreute, zerstreutet, zerstreut)
    • ableiten verb (leite ab, leitest ab, leitet ab, leitete ab, leitetet ab, abgeleitet)
  2. to divert (deduce; conclude)
  3. to divert
    • umleiten verb (leite um, leitest um, leitet um, leitete um, leitetet um, umgeleitet)
  4. to divert (turn away; avert; fend off; )
    • abwenden verb (wende ab, wendest ab, wendet ab, wendete ab, wendetet ab, abgewendet)
  5. to divert (apply)
    • umlegen verb (lege um, legst um, legt um, legte um, legtet um, umgelegt)
  6. to divert (entertain; amuse)
    ergötzen; sich ergötzen an
    • ergötzen verb (ergötze, ergötzt, ergötzte, ergötztet, ergötzt)
    • sich ergötzen an verb (ergötze mich an, ergötzest dich an, ergötzt sich an, ergötzte sich an, ergötztet euch an, sich ergötzt an)

Conjugations for divert:

  1. divert
  2. divert
  3. diverts
  4. divert
  5. divert
  6. divert
simple past
  1. diverted
  2. diverted
  3. diverted
  4. diverted
  5. diverted
  6. diverted
present perfect
  1. have diverted
  2. have diverted
  3. has diverted
  4. have diverted
  5. have diverted
  6. have diverted
past continuous
  1. was diverting
  2. were diverting
  3. was diverting
  4. were diverting
  5. were diverting
  6. were diverting
  1. shall divert
  2. will divert
  3. will divert
  4. shall divert
  5. will divert
  6. will divert
continuous present
  1. am diverting
  2. are diverting
  3. is diverting
  4. are diverting
  5. are diverting
  6. are diverting
  1. be diverted
  2. be diverted
  3. be diverted
  4. be diverted
  5. be diverted
  6. be diverted
  1. divert!
  2. let's divert!
  3. diverted
  4. diverting
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for divert:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
ableiten amuse; divert; entertain someone conclude; deduce; deduct; reduce; simplify; trace back
ablenken amuse; divert; entertain someone
abwenden avert; divert; fend off; keep off; lay off; parry; turn away avert; fend off; keep off; lay off; parry
amüsieren amuse; divert; entertain someone do what you think is right; enjoy; fancy; like; please; relish; savor; savour; think fit
ergötzen amuse; divert; entertain do what you think is right; enjoy; fancy; gape; gape in administration at; gawk at; like; please; relish; savor; savour; think fit
etwas ableiten von conclude; deduce; divert
sich ergötzen an amuse; divert; entertain
umlegen apply; divert
umleiten divert redirect
unterhalten amuse; divert; entertain someone aid someone financially; back someone; be engaged in; converse; do what you think is right; engage in; enjoy; fancy; go in for; like; maintain; please; provide for; pursue; relish; savor; savour; support; talk; think fit; to be busy
zerstreuen amuse; divert; entertain someone
- amuse; deviate; disport; hive off
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
unterhalten provided for; taken care of

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Related Definitions for "divert":

  1. send on a course or in a direction different from the planned or intended one1
  2. turn aside; turn away from1
  3. withdraw (money) and move into a different location, often secretly and with dishonest intentions1
  4. occupy in an agreeable, entertaining or pleasant fashion1

Wiktionary Translations for divert:

  1. turn aside
  2. distract
  1. etwas abzweigen lassen, abführen

Cross Translation:
divert umleiten omleiden — het uitzetten van een alternatief pad rondom een ontoegankelijk deel van de weg
divert zerstreuen; ablenken; unterhalten distrairedétourner de quelque application.
divert abschweifen; abweichen dévier — Se détourner, être détourné de sa direction.