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Detailed Translations for drape from English to German


to drape verb (drapes, draped, draping)

  1. to drape (depend on; hang)
    hängen; abhängen; herunterhängen
    • hängen verb (hänge, hängst, hängt, hängte, hängtet, gehängt)
    • abhängen verb (hänge ab, hängst ab, hängt ab, hängte ab, hängtet ab, abgehängt)
    • herunterhängen verb (hänge herunter, hängst herunter, herunterhängt, hängte herunter, hängtet herunter, heruntergehängt)
  2. to drape
    • drapieren verb (drapiere, drapierst, drapiert, drapierte, drapiertet, drapiert)

Conjugations for drape:

  1. drape
  2. drape
  3. drapes
  4. drape
  5. drape
  6. drape
simple past
  1. draped
  2. draped
  3. draped
  4. draped
  5. draped
  6. draped
present perfect
  1. have draped
  2. have draped
  3. has draped
  4. have draped
  5. have draped
  6. have draped
past continuous
  1. was draping
  2. were draping
  3. was draping
  4. were draping
  5. were draping
  6. were draping
  1. shall drape
  2. will drape
  3. will drape
  4. shall drape
  5. will drape
  6. will drape
continuous present
  1. am draping
  2. are draping
  3. is draping
  4. are draping
  5. are draping
  6. are draping
  1. be draped
  2. be draped
  3. be draped
  4. be draped
  5. be draped
  6. be draped
  1. drape!
  2. let's drape!
  3. draped
  4. draping
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

drape [the ~] noun

  1. the drape (heavy curtain; curtain; draw-curtain)
    der Vorhang; die Übergardine; die Gardine; die Draperie; die Fenstergardinen
  2. the drape
    der Vorhang; der Umhang; der Tüll; die Draperie

Translation Matrix for drape:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
Draperie curtain; drape; draw-curtain; heavy curtain
Fenstergardinen curtain; drape; draw-curtain; heavy curtain
Gardine curtain; drape; draw-curtain; heavy curtain curtain
Tüll drape tulle
Umhang drape cape; cloak
Vorhang curtain; drape; draw-curtain; heavy curtain curtain; screen
Übergardine curtain; drape; draw-curtain; heavy curtain
- curtain; drapery; mantle; pall
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
abhängen depend on; drape; hang disconnect; drop out; get undone; pull out; quit; uncouple; unpick; untie
drapieren drape
herunterhängen depend on; drape; hang hang down
hängen depend on; drape; hang dangle; do nothing much; float; hang; hang about; hang on; hang outside; hang up; hover; lounge around; put outside; stand around; suspend from
- cloak; clothe; robe

Related Words for "drape":

  • draping, drapes

Synonyms for "drape":

Related Definitions for "drape":

  1. hanging cloth used as a blind (especially for a window)1
  2. a sterile covering arranged over a patient's body during a medical examination or during surgery in order to reduce the possibility of contamination1
  3. the manner in which fabric hangs or falls1
    • she adjusted the drape of her skirt1
  4. arrange in a particular way1
    • drape a cloth1
  5. place casually1
    • The cat draped herself on the sofa1
  6. cover or dress loosely with cloth1
    • drape the statue with a sheet1
  7. cover as if with clothing1

Wiktionary Translations for drape:

  1. to design drapery, arrange its folds, etc.
  2. to cover or adorn with drapery or folds of cloth, or as with drapery
  1. zur Dekoration anbringen
  2. von Stoff: in Falten legen
  1. die Art und Weise des Herabhängens von Stoffen o. Ä.