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draw in:

to draw in verb (draws in, drew in, drawing in)

  1. to draw in (drive in; ride in; pull in)
    einfahren; auffahren; hereinfahren; einreiten; hereinreiten; hineinfahren
    • einfahren verb (fahre ein, fährst ein, fährt ein, fuhr ein, fuhrt ein, eingefahren)
    • auffahren verb (fahre auf, fährst auf, fährt auf, fuhr auf, fuhret auf, aufgefahren)
    • hereinfahren verb (fahre herein, fährst herein, fährt herein, fuhr herein, fuhrt herein, hereingefahren)
    • einreiten verb (reite ein, reitest ein, reitet ein, ritt ein, rittet ein, eingeritten)
    • hereinreiten verb (reite herein, reitest herein, reitet herein, ritt herein, rittet herein, hereingeritten)
    • hineinfahren verb (fahre hinein, fährst hinein, fährt hinein, fuhr hinein, fuhrt hinein, hineingefahren)
  2. to draw in (take in; haul in)
    • einholen verb (hole ein, holst ein, holt ein, holte ein, holtet ein, eingeholt)

Conjugations for draw in:

  1. draw in
  2. draw in
  3. draws in
  4. draw in
  5. draw in
  6. draw in
simple past
  1. drew in
  2. drew in
  3. drew in
  4. drew in
  5. drew in
  6. drew in
present perfect
  1. have drawn in
  2. have drawn in
  3. has drawn in
  4. have drawn in
  5. have drawn in
  6. have drawn in
past continuous
  1. was drawing in
  2. were drawing in
  3. was drawing in
  4. were drawing in
  5. were drawing in
  6. were drawing in
  1. shall draw in
  2. will draw in
  3. will draw in
  4. shall draw in
  5. will draw in
  6. will draw in
continuous present
  1. am drawing in
  2. are drawing in
  3. is drawing in
  4. are drawing in
  5. are drawing in
  6. are drawing in
  1. be drawn in
  2. be drawn in
  3. be drawn in
  4. be drawn in
  5. be drawn in
  6. be drawn in
  1. draw in!
  2. let's draw in!
  3. drawn in
  4. drawing in
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for draw in:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
auffahren draw in; drive in; pull in; ride in drive along; drive up; drive upwards; ride up; sail up; startle someone
einfahren draw in; drive in; pull in; ride in come in; drive along; drive up; drive upwards; enter; get in; go in; go inside; go into; ride up; sail into
einholen draw in; haul in; take in bring in; catch up; catch up with; collect; draw level; drop by; gain; gather; get; get abreast of; glean; obtain; run in; take in
einreiten draw in; drive in; pull in; ride in control; domesticate; subdue; tame
hereinfahren draw in; drive in; pull in; ride in put in; put inside; sail into
hereinreiten draw in; drive in; pull in; ride in
hineinfahren draw in; drive in; pull in; ride in sail into
- attract; close in; curl; curl up; draw; get in; move in; pull; pull in; retract; suck in
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- withdraw

Synonyms for "draw in":

Antonyms for "draw in":

Related Definitions for "draw in":

  1. draw in as if by suction1
  2. direct toward itself or oneself by means of some psychological power or physical attributes1
  3. pull inward or towards a center1
  4. of trains; move into (a station)1
  5. advance or converge on1
  6. shape one's body into a curl1

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