Detailed Translations for dreary from English to German


Translation Matrix for dreary:

AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- drab
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
abgeschmackt boring; drab; dreary; dull
dösig boring; drab; dreary; dull dopey; dozy; drowsy; dull; fuzzy; mindless; muzzy; sleepy; soporific; staggered; stupefied
einförmig boring; dreary; dull; tedious identical; uniform
eintönig boring; drab; dreary; dull; tedious
fade boring; drab; dreary; dull; tedious boring; corny; dull; flat; mindless; saltless; tasteless; tedious; unsavory; unsavoury
fahl boring; dreary; dull; tedious ash grey; ashen; bland; blurred; dim; faded; faint; grubby; hazy; lurid; misty; off colour; pale; sallow; unclear; undefinable; vague; washed out
geistlos boring; dreary; dull; tedious blank; boring; dead; deadening; deceased; dense; dull; easily; easy; effortless; empty; lifeless; mindless; not difficult; not hard; obtuse; passed away; simple; spiritless; stupid; tedious
geisttötend boring; dreary; dull; tedious boring; deadening; dense; dull; mindless; obtuse; stupid; tedious
langweilig boring; drab; dreary; dull; tedious boring; deadening; dreadful; dull; mindless; tedious
mismutig cheerless; drab; dreary; dull; gloomy; grey; joyless; sad
schlafbringend boring; dreary; dull; tedious
trostlos cheerless; drab; dreary; dull; gloomy; grey; joyless; sad broken hearted; brokenhearted; disconsolate; inconsolable; intensely sad; profoundly distressed
öde boring; drab; dreary; dull; tedious barren; boring; deathlike; deathly; deserted; desolate; dreadful; dry; dull; embittered; exasperated; extinct; fierce; forlorn; isolated; lonely; lonesome; mindless; parced; poor; scorched; secluded; sequestered; solitary; tedious; unfruitful; withered

Related Words for "dreary":

  • dreariness, drearier, dreariest

Synonyms for "dreary":

Related Definitions for "dreary":

  1. lacking in liveliness or charm or surprise1
    • a series of dreary dinner parties1

Wiktionary Translations for dreary:

  1. frei von Anregungen oder interessanten Inhalten

Cross Translation:
dreary düster; schlechtgelaunt; widerwärtig; unangenehm; brummig; unwirsch; unfreundlich; langweilig; öde maussade — D’humeur chagrin ; sombre ; ombrageux ; morose ; renfrogné.