Detailed Translations for dry-eyed from English to German


Translation Matrix for dry-eyed:

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- tearless
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
gelassen dry-eyed; impassive; unaffected; unmoved calm; carefree; careless; collected; composed; cool; easy; equally; equanimous; evenly; fresh; impassive; in control; light-spirited; lighthearted; long-enduring; meek; patient; placid; stable; steady; stoic; stoical; submissive; unbroached; unconcerned; unimpaired; unopened; unspoiled; untouched; unused; unweakened; virgin; waiting patiently
teilnahmslos dry-eyed; impassive; unaffected; unmoved dawdling; dragging; drooping; groundless; inactive; indifferent; indolent; inert; languid; lazy; limp; lingering; listless; passive; regardless; shuffling; slow; slow of understanding; sluggish; tardy; unaffected; unfounded; unmoved; unperturbed; untouched
unberührt dry-eyed; impassive; unaffected; unmoved dispassionate; emotionless; fresh; hard-hearted; heartless; impassive; indifferent; insensitive; maidenly; pristine; pure; soulless; unbroached; uncaring; unfeeling; unimpaired; unopened; unspoiled; untainted; untouched; unused; unweakened; virgin; virginal
unbeteiligt dry-eyed; impassive; unaffected; unmoved
unbewegt dry-eyed; impassive; unaffected; unmoved calm; calmly; collected; composed; cool; equanimous; fresh; imperturbable; peaceful; placid; quiet; quietly; restful; serene; silent; still; tranquil; unbroached; unemotional; uneventful; unimpaired; unopened; unspoiled; untouched; unused; unweakened; virgin
unerschütterlich dry-eyed; impassive; unaffected; unmoved firm; imperturbable; persistent; rigid; standing-on; staunch; stiff; wooden
ungerührt dry-eyed; impassive; unaffected; unmoved carefree; careless; easy; fresh; groundless; indifferent; light-spirited; lighthearted; unaffected; unbroached; unconcerned; unfounded; unimpaired; unmoved; unopened; unperturbed; untouched; unused

Synonyms for "dry-eyed":

  • tearless; dry

Antonyms for "dry-eyed":

  • tearful

Related Definitions for "dry-eyed":

  1. free from tears1

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