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Detailed Translations for empire from English to German


empire [the ~] noun

  1. the empire (nation; country; state; kingdom)
    Land; der Staat; Reich; die Nation
  2. the empire
  3. the empire

Translation Matrix for empire:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
Imperium empire
Kaiserreich empire
Land country; empire; kingdom; nation; state countryside; land; landscape; native country; scenery
Nation country; empire; kingdom; nation; state nation; native country; people
Reich country; empire; kingdom; nation; state kingdom; realm
Staat country; empire; kingdom; nation; state State; authorities; government; public authorities
- conglomerate; imperium

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Related Definitions for "empire":

  1. a group of countries under a single authority1
    • the British created a great empire1
  2. a group of diverse companies under common ownership and run as a single organization1
  3. a monarchy with an emperor as head of state1
  4. the domain ruled by an emperor or empress; the region over which imperial dominion is exercised1

Wiktionary Translations for empire:

  1. -
  2. state ruled by an emperor
  3. group of states
  4. political unit
  1. Bereich der geistigen oder materiellen Welt
  2. Land oder Länder, das beziehungsweise die von einem Monarchen regiert werden:
  3. Reich, das von einem Kaiser oder einer Kaiserin regiert wird
  4. ein großes, zusammengehöriges Gebiet unter einer zentralen Herrschaft

Cross Translation:
empire Reich rijk — een staat of natie onder een vorst of heerser
empire Einfluß; Kaiserreich; Kaisertum; Imperium; Reich empireautorité absolue.

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