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  1. entertain someone:


Detailed Translations for entertain someone from English to German

entertain someone:

entertain someone verb

  1. entertain someone (divert; amuse)
    amüsieren; unterhalten; ablenken; zerstreuen; ableiten
    • amüsieren verb (amüsiere, amüsierst, amüsiert, amüsierte, amüsiertet, amüsiert)
    • unterhalten verb (unterhalte, unterhälst, unterhält, unterhielt, unterhieltet, unterhalten)
    • ablenken verb (lenke ab, lenkst ab, lenkt ab, lenkte ab, lenktet ab, abgelent)
    • zerstreuen verb (zerstreue, zerstreust, zerstreut, zerstreute, zerstreutet, zerstreut)
    • ableiten verb (leite ab, leitest ab, leitet ab, leitete ab, leitetet ab, abgeleitet)

Translation Matrix for entertain someone:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
ableiten amuse; divert; entertain someone conclude; deduce; deduct; reduce; simplify; trace back
ablenken amuse; divert; entertain someone
amüsieren amuse; divert; entertain someone do what you think is right; enjoy; fancy; like; please; relish; savor; savour; think fit
unterhalten amuse; divert; entertain someone aid someone financially; back someone; be engaged in; converse; do what you think is right; engage in; enjoy; fancy; go in for; like; maintain; please; provide for; pursue; relish; savor; savour; support; talk; think fit; to be busy
zerstreuen amuse; divert; entertain someone
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
unterhalten provided for; taken care of

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