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  1. fall into:


Detailed Translations for fall into from English to German

fall into:

to fall into verb (falls into, fell into, falling into)

  1. to fall into (fall; fall in; tumble down; tumble into)
  2. to fall into
    • hingeraten verb (gerate hin, geratest hin, geratet hin, geratete hin, geratetet hin, hingeratet)

Conjugations for fall into:

  1. fall into
  2. fall into
  3. falls into
  4. fall into
  5. fall into
  6. fall into
simple past
  1. fell into
  2. fell into
  3. fell into
  4. fell into
  5. fell into
  6. fell into
present perfect
  1. have fallen into
  2. have fallen into
  3. has fallen into
  4. have fallen into
  5. have fallen into
  6. have fallen into
past continuous
  1. was falling into
  2. were falling into
  3. was falling into
  4. were falling into
  5. were falling into
  6. were falling into
  1. shall fall into
  2. will fall into
  3. will fall into
  4. shall fall into
  5. will fall into
  6. will fall into
continuous present
  1. am falling into
  2. are falling into
  3. is falling into
  4. are falling into
  5. are falling into
  6. are falling into
  1. be fallen into
  2. be fallen into
  3. be fallen into
  4. be fallen into
  5. be fallen into
  6. be fallen into
  1. fall into!
  2. let's fall into!
  3. fallen into
  4. falling into
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for fall into:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
hinein fallen fall; fall in; fall into; tumble down; tumble into
hinein stürzen fall; fall in; fall into; tumble down; tumble into
hingeraten fall into come down; end; end up; end up somewhere; land
- fall under

Synonyms for "fall into":

Related Definitions for "fall into":

  1. be included in or classified as1

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