Detailed Translations for fall to from English to German

fall to:

to fall to verb (falls to, fell to, falling to)

  1. to fall to (belong to; come to)
    gehören; zugehören; hingehören
    • gehören verb (gehöre, gehörst, gehört, gehörte, gehörtet, gehört)
    • zugehören verb
    • hingehören verb (gehöre hin, gehörst hin, gehört hin, gehörte hin, gehörtet hin, hingehört)
  2. to fall to (accrue to)
    zukommen; zufallen; zuteil werden
    • zukommen verb (komme zu, kommst zu, kommt zu, kam zu, kamet zu, zugekommen)
    • zufallen verb (falle zu, fällst, fällt zu, fiel zu, fielt zu, zugefallen)
  3. to fall to (serve oneself; seize; take; dive in)
    zugreifen; zulangen
    • zugreifen verb (greife zu, greifst zu, greift zu, griff zu, grifft zu, zugegriffen)
    • zulangen verb (lange zu, langst zu, langt zu, langte zu, langtet zu, zugelangt)

Conjugations for fall to:

  1. fall to
  2. fall to
  3. falls to
  4. fall to
  5. fall to
  6. fall to
simple past
  1. fell to
  2. fell to
  3. fell to
  4. fell to
  5. fell to
  6. fell to
present perfect
  1. have fallen to
  2. have fallen to
  3. has fallen to
  4. have fallen to
  5. have fallen to
  6. have fallen to
past continuous
  1. was falling to
  2. were falling to
  3. was falling to
  4. were falling to
  5. were falling to
  6. were falling to
  1. shall fall to
  2. will fall to
  3. will fall to
  4. shall fall to
  5. will fall to
  6. will fall to
continuous present
  1. am falling to
  2. are falling to
  3. is falling to
  4. are falling to
  5. are falling to
  6. are falling to
  1. be fallen to
  2. be fallen to
  3. be fallen to
  4. be fallen to
  5. be fallen to
  6. be fallen to
  1. fall to!
  2. let's fall to!
  3. fallen to
  4. falling to
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for fall to:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
gehören belong to; come to; fall to be customary; be obliged to; be proper; belong to; ought to; should
hingehören belong to; come to; fall to belong; belong to
zufallen accrue to; fall to click shut; close; shut
zugehören belong to; come to; fall to
zugreifen dive in; fall to; seize; serve oneself; take catch; clamp; clasp; grab; grasp; grip; seize; take hold of
zukommen accrue to; fall to
zulangen dive in; fall to; seize; serve oneself; take
zuteil werden accrue to; fall to

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