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  1. fight on:


Detailed Translations for fight on from English to German

fight on:

to fight on verb (fights on, fought on, fighting on)

  1. to fight on
    • weiterkämpfen verb (kämpfe weiter, kämpfst weiter, kämpft weiter, kämpfte weiter, kämpftet weiter, weitergekämpft)
  2. to fight on
    • durchhalten verb (halte durch, hältst durch, hält durch, hielt durch, hieltet durch, durchgehalten)

Conjugations for fight on:

  1. fight on
  2. fight on
  3. fights on
  4. fight on
  5. fight on
  6. fight on
simple past
  1. fought on
  2. fought on
  3. fought on
  4. fought on
  5. fought on
  6. fought on
present perfect
  1. have fought on
  2. have fought on
  3. has fought on
  4. have fought on
  5. have fought on
  6. have fought on
past continuous
  1. was fighting on
  2. were fighting on
  3. was fighting on
  4. were fighting on
  5. were fighting on
  6. were fighting on
  1. shall fight on
  2. will fight on
  3. will fight on
  4. shall fight on
  5. will fight on
  6. will fight on
continuous present
  1. am fighting on
  2. are fighting on
  3. is fighting on
  4. are fighting on
  5. are fighting on
  6. are fighting on
  1. be fought on
  2. be fought on
  3. be fought on
  4. be fought on
  5. be fought on
  6. be fought on
  1. fight on!
  2. let's fight on!
  3. fought on
  4. fighting on
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for fight on:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
durchhalten fight on bear; endure; hold one's ground; keep it up; persevere; persist; stand; stand firm; stand one's grounds; sustain; tolerate
weiterkämpfen fight on

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