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Detailed Translations for figure out from English to German

figure out:

to figure out verb (figures out, figured out, figuring out)

  1. to figure out (calculate; draw up; value)
    kalkulieren; berechnen; ausarbeiten; veranschlagen; überschlagen
    • kalkulieren verb (kalkuliere, kalkulierst, kalkuliert, kalkulierte, kalkuliertet, kalkuliert)
    • berechnen verb (berechne, berechnest, berechnet, berechnete, berechnetet, berechnet)
    • ausarbeiten verb (arbeite aus, arbeitest aus, arbeitet aus, arbeitete aus, arbeitetet aus, ausgearbeitet)
    • veranschlagen verb (veranschlage, veranschlägst, veränschagt, veranschlug, veranschlugt, verangeschlagen)
    • überschlagen verb (überschlage, überschlägst, überschlägt, überschlug, überschlugt, übergeschlagen)
  2. to figure out (puzzle out)
    ausknobeln; sich ausdenken
    • ausknobeln verb (knobele aus, knobelst aus, knobelt aus, knobelte aus, knobeltet aus, ausgeknobelt)
    • sich ausdenken verb (denke mich aus, denkst dich aus, denkt sich aus, dachte sich aus, dachtet euch aus, sich ausgedacht)
  3. to figure out (estimate; calculate; compute)
    berechnen; achten
    • berechnen verb (berechne, berechnest, berechnet, berechnete, berechnetet, berechnet)
    • achten verb (achte, achtest, achtet, achtete, achtetet, geachtet)

Conjugations for figure out:

  1. figure out
  2. figure out
  3. figures out
  4. figure out
  5. figure out
  6. figure out
simple past
  1. figured out
  2. figured out
  3. figured out
  4. figured out
  5. figured out
  6. figured out
present perfect
  1. have figured out
  2. have figured out
  3. has figured out
  4. have figured out
  5. have figured out
  6. have figured out
past continuous
  1. was figuring out
  2. were figuring out
  3. was figuring out
  4. were figuring out
  5. were figuring out
  6. were figuring out
  1. shall figure out
  2. will figure out
  3. will figure out
  4. shall figure out
  5. will figure out
  6. will figure out
continuous present
  1. am figuring out
  2. are figuring out
  3. is figuring out
  4. are figuring out
  5. are figuring out
  6. are figuring out
  1. be figured out
  2. be figured out
  3. be figured out
  4. be figured out
  5. be figured out
  6. be figured out
  1. figure out!
  2. let's figure out!
  3. figured out
  4. figuring out
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for figure out:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
achten calculate; compute; estimate; figure out appreciate; cherish someone's memory; commend; consider; esteem; esteem highly; extol; glorify; have a high regard for; hold in great esteem; hold someone's memory dear; honor; honour; pay deference to; praise; respect; save; show respect for; spare; value highly
ausarbeiten calculate; draw up; figure out; value compute; draw up; elaborate; work out
ausknobeln figure out; puzzle out decipher; decode; fray; play dice; rolling the dice; solve; unravel
berechnen calculate; compute; draw up; estimate; figure out; value calculate; compute; estimate; work out
kalkulieren calculate; draw up; figure out; value bear something in mind; calculate; compute; estimate; take into account; work out
sich ausdenken figure out; puzzle out contemplate; contrive; devise; invent; lay schemes; make plans; make up; meditate on; muse on; plan; plot; ponder on; reflect on; set up
veranschlagen calculate; draw up; figure out; value advise; calculate; compute; consider; estimate; evaluate; rate; suggest; tax; think over; work out
überschlagen calculate; draw up; figure out; value advise; consider; miss out; pass over; suggest; think over
- lick; puzzle out; solve; work; work out

Synonyms for "figure out":

Related Definitions for "figure out":

  1. find the solution to (a problem or question) or understand the meaning of1

Wiktionary Translations for figure out:

figure out
  1. come to understand
figure out
  1. in Erfahrung bringen, zu Ohren kommen, Kenntnis erlangen, herausbringen

Cross Translation:
figure out abdecken; entdecken; enthüllen; aufspüren découvrirdégarnir de ce qui couvrir.

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