Detailed Translations for fly into from English to German

fly into:

to fly into verb (flies into, flew into, flying into)

  1. to fly into (storm into; dash into)
    einstürmen; stürmen; einfliegen; hereinbrechen; hineinfliegen; hereinfliegen
    • stürmen verb (stürme, stürmst, stürmt, stürmte, stürmtet, gestürmt)
    • einfliegen verb (fliege ein, fliegst ein, fliegt ein, flog ein, flogt ein, eingeflogen)
    • hereinbrechen verb (breche herein, brichst ehrein, bricht herein, brach herein, bracht herein, hereingebrochen)
    • hineinfliegen verb (fliege hinein, fliegst hinein, fliegt hinein, flog hinein, flogt hinein, hineingeflogen)
    • hereinfliegen verb (fliege herein, fliegst herein, fliegt herein, flog herein, flogt herein, hereingeflogen)

Conjugations for fly into:

  1. fly into
  2. fly into
  3. flies into
  4. fly into
  5. fly into
  6. fly into
simple past
  1. flew into
  2. flew into
  3. flew into
  4. flew into
  5. flew into
  6. flew into
present perfect
  1. have flown into
  2. have flown into
  3. has flown into
  4. have flown into
  5. have flown into
  6. have flown into
past continuous
  1. was flying into
  2. were flying into
  3. was flying into
  4. were flying into
  5. were flying into
  6. were flying into
  1. shall fly into
  2. will fly into
  3. will fly into
  4. shall fly into
  5. will fly into
  6. will fly into
continuous present
  1. am flying into
  2. are flying into
  3. is flying into
  4. are flying into
  5. are flying into
  6. are flying into
  1. be flown into
  2. be flown into
  3. be flown into
  4. be flown into
  5. be flown into
  6. be flown into
  1. fly into!
  2. let's fly into!
  3. flown into
  4. flying into
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for fly into:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
einfliegen dash into; fly into; storm into fly in; land at airport; touch down
einstürmen dash into; fly into; storm into
hereinbrechen dash into; fly into; storm into break into; enter; enter by force; penetrate
hereinfliegen dash into; fly into; storm into
hineinfliegen dash into; fly into; storm into
stürmen dash into; fly into; storm into blowing a gale; blowing hard; play forward; rush; storm; storming

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