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  1. go ashore:


Detailed Translations for go ashore from English to German

go ashore:

to go ashore verb (goes ashore, went ashore, going ashore)

  1. to go ashore (debark; disembark)
    an Land gehen; anlegen

Conjugations for go ashore:

  1. go ashore
  2. go ashore
  3. goes ashore
  4. go ashore
  5. go ashore
  6. go ashore
simple past
  1. went ashore
  2. went ashore
  3. went ashore
  4. went ashore
  5. went ashore
  6. went ashore
present perfect
  1. have gone ashore
  2. have gone ashore
  3. has gone ashore
  4. have gone ashore
  5. have gone ashore
  6. have gone ashore
past continuous
  1. was going ashore
  2. were going ashore
  3. was going ashore
  4. were going ashore
  5. were going ashore
  6. were going ashore
  1. shall go ashore
  2. will go ashore
  3. will go ashore
  4. shall go ashore
  5. will go ashore
  6. will go ashore
continuous present
  1. am going ashore
  2. are going ashore
  3. is going ashore
  4. are going ashore
  5. are going ashore
  6. are going ashore
  1. be gone ashore
  2. be gone ashore
  3. be gone ashore
  4. be gone ashore
  5. be gone ashore
  6. be gone ashore
  1. go ashore!
  2. let's go ashore!
  3. gone ashore
  4. going ashore
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for go ashore:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
an Land gehen debark; disembark; go ashore come down; end up somewhere; land
anlegen debark; disembark; go ashore anchor; assemble; come down; construct; dress; end up somewhere; fasten; fasten to a rope; fit; fix; instal; install; invest; land; lay; moor; place; put on; secure; set up; tie up

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