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Detailed Translations for go to pieces from English to German

go to pieces:

to go to pieces verb (goes to pieces, went to pieces, going to pieces)

  1. to go to pieces (break down; give way)
  2. to go to pieces (go to the dogs; perish; go to wrack and ruin; fall; be killed)
    untergehen; zugrunde gehen
    • untergehen verb (untergehe, untergehst, untergeht, untergang, untergangt, untergegangen)
    • zugrunde gehen verb (gehe zugrunde, gehst zugrunde, geht zugrunde, gang zugrunde, ganget zugrunde, zugrunde gegangen)

Conjugations for go to pieces:

  1. go to pieces
  2. go to pieces
  3. goes to pieces
  4. go to pieces
  5. go to pieces
  6. go to pieces
simple past
  1. went to pieces
  2. went to pieces
  3. went to pieces
  4. went to pieces
  5. went to pieces
  6. went to pieces
present perfect
  1. have gone to pieces
  2. have gone to pieces
  3. has gone to pieces
  4. have gone to pieces
  5. have gone to pieces
  6. have gone to pieces
past continuous
  1. was going to pieces
  2. were going to pieces
  3. was going to pieces
  4. were going to pieces
  5. were going to pieces
  6. were going to pieces
  1. shall go to pieces
  2. will go to pieces
  3. will go to pieces
  4. shall go to pieces
  5. will go to pieces
  6. will go to pieces
continuous present
  1. am going to pieces
  2. are going to pieces
  3. is going to pieces
  4. are going to pieces
  5. are going to pieces
  6. are going to pieces
  1. be gone to pieces
  2. be gone to pieces
  3. be gone to pieces
  4. be gone to pieces
  5. be gone to pieces
  6. be gone to pieces
  1. go to pieces!
  2. let's go to pieces!
  3. gone to pieces
  4. going to pieces
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for go to pieces:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
kaputtgehen break down; give way; go to pieces
untergehen be killed; fall; go to pieces; go to the dogs; go to wrack and ruin; perish be lost; be ruined; be wrecked; bear; break down; come to grief; crash; endure; fail; get lost; go astray; go down; go to the dogs; go under; have a breakdown; meet an accident; meet with disaster; perish; set; sink; stand; submerge; succumb; suffer; sustain
zugrunde gehen be killed; fall; go to pieces; go to the dogs; go to wrack and ruin; perish be killed; be killed in action; break down; depart this earth; depart this life; die; fall; get lost; go astray; go to the dogs; have a breakdown; pass away; perish; succumb
- fall apart

Synonyms for "go to pieces":

Related Definitions for "go to pieces":

  1. lose one's emotional or mental composure1

Wiktionary Translations for go to pieces:

go to pieces
  1. von Gegenständen: kaputt gehen, zerbrechen; beschädigt werden

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