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Detailed Translations for helm from English to German


helm [the ~] noun

  1. the helm (rudder)
  2. the helm (tiller; rudder)
    der Helm; die Haube
  3. the helm (tiller; rudder)
    die Ruderpinne

Translation Matrix for helm:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
Haube helm; rudder; tiller armour-plated cupola; brush; canopy; cover up roof; cowl; cowling; dome; gauntlet; hairbrush; top
Helm helm; rudder; tiller armour-plated cupola; casque; dome; headpiece; helmet; steel cap; tin hat
Ruderpinne helm; rudder; tiller
Steuerruder helm; rudder

Related Words for "helm":

  • helms

Synonyms for "helm":

Related Definitions for "helm":

  1. a position of leadership1
    • the President is at the helm of the Ship of State1
  2. steering mechanism for a vessel; a mechanical device by which a vessel is steered1
  3. be at or take the helm of1
    • helm the ship1

Wiktionary Translations for helm:

  1. maritime: member of the crew in charge of steering
  2. steering apparatus of a ship
Cross Translation:
helm Pinne helmstok — houten staaf aan het roer waarmee het roer in de gewenste stand gezet wordt